Immigration Services

Study Visas

In order to take courses at John Cabot University, all students must provide proof that they have either the legal right or legal permission from the Italian government to study in Italy. 

Need a Visa?

Fall/Spring Semesters

European citizens
European citizens do not have to apply for a study visa to enter Italy. However, they must upload a valid copy of their passport or national ID on the Student Portal.
See the list of European countries.

Non-European citizens
All non-European citizens must have a study visa to enter Italy for the Fall and Spring semesters. Based on the length of your study visa, you will need to apply for either a Permit to Stay or a Declaration of Presence during Orientation. 

Students who are only registered for the Fall or Spring semesters, and obtain a visa for less than 150 days, will need to file the Declaration of Presence. 

Students who are only registered for the Fall or Spring semesters, and obtain a visa for more than 150 days, will need to request the Permit to Stay. 

DS, Master students, and students who are registered for two consecutive semesters must obtain a visa for more than 150 days and must request the Permit to Stay.

Please refer to the Immigration Guidelines on the Student Portal for more information on the Immigration steps you need to follow. 

Apply for a Student Visa 
If you need to apply for a study visa, you must request it at the Italian Consulate with jurisdiction over your permanent residence or University location. The Admissions Office will provide the information that you will need regarding the visa process upon your acceptance to the university. You can email [email protected] for any questions regarding the study visa application process or the immigration office at [email protected] for any information concerning your Immigration Status in Italy. If you need to apply for a visa, you must do so before you come to Italy. It is your responsibility to start the process as soon as possible as the visa may take up to two months or longer to obtain.

Summer Sessions

Declaration of Presence
If you are coming to Italy for less than 90 days (Summer Session classes), you will need to apply for a study visa if necessary, and then you might need to file a Declaration of Presence, even if you are visa exempt. 

The Declaration of Presence is the local immigration requirement for stays in Italy of less than 90 days during the summer sessions: it is mandatory for all non-European students (US and International) who enter Italy with a flight from another Schengen country, and do not receive a stamp on their passport at customs in an Italian airport. Our staff will check your passport during Orientation and inform you of the next steps.

If you are attending a Summer Session for less than 90 days but you are from a country that is not Visa Exempt, please email [email protected].

Visa Exempt Countries 
See the list of the visa exempt countries.

Minor Students

Students under 18 years of age at the time of arrival, living in JCU housing will be required to reside with other minors under the minor policies and under the supervision of Roman Clark, JCU Minors Program Manager. “Proof of accommodation” and “Letter of Responsibility” will be provided for those minors residing in JCU Housing in the Minors Program. For more information, please contact Roman Clark directly at [email protected].

If you plan to stay with relatives while in Rome, a relative must sign the ‘Letter of Responsibility’ on your behalf for the Italian study visa. Please bear in mind that the letter of responsibility and accommodation are two important aspects of receiving an Italian study visa, and this will need to be done on your own accord with your family members.

Minors that have EU Citizenship (do not need an Italian study visa) will also be required to take part in the minors program until their 18th birthday.