Department of Modern Languages and Literature

Requirements for the B.A. in Italian Studies

Learning Outcomes for the Italian Studies Major

Requirements for the Degree

A. The Proficiency and General Distribution Requirements of the University.

  • IT 301 Advanced Italian I
  • IT 302 Advanced Italian II
  • IT 308 Introduction to Professional Translation or
    IT 309 Italian Language Through Literature
  • IT 310 Elements of Italian Literature
  • IT 317 Roots of Italian Identities
  • HS 365 Italy from the Risorgimento to the First World War (1815 - 1915) or
    HS 366 Italy from Mussolini to the Crisis of the First Republic (1918 to present) or
    other courses in Modern Italian History approved by the advisor
  • ITS/SOSC 250 Contemporary Italian Society or
    PL 215 Italian Politics and Society 
  • BUS/ITS 260 Made in Italy: The Italian Business Environment
  • ITS/CMS 332 Italian Media and Popular Culture
  • IT 401 Advanced Workshop in Italian Writing
  • PL 460 Social Science Research Methods or 
    IT/SOSC 380 Researching Rome: Fieldwork in the Eternal City or
    HUM 460 Research and Writing in the Humanities
  • IT 480 Senior Thesis 

The University requires an overall minimum grade point average of 2.00 in all courses taken at the University, with no more than two grades lower than C- in core courses.

B. Major Electives

Five electives, to be chosen with the advisor from the following: 

  • Any core courses not taken in fulfillment of the core requirements
  • Any IT 300 level classes not required for the core
  • Any ITS courses
  • Any approved major electives from outside the Department - the list of approved major electives is available here.

C. General Electives sufficient to give a total of 120 credits.