Tuition and Fees Fall 2016 and Spring 2017

Fee Breakdown Students Paying in Dollars

Fall 2025 and Spring 2026

Students who are US citizens residing in the United States, permanent residents of the United States, or Canadian citizens pay in US dollars as indicated in the chart below.

Important notice for students with dual citizenship:
Please note that you must decide at the beginning of your college career whether your billing currency will be euros or dollars. You will be billed in the same currency for the entire time that you attend JCU.



Payment Deadlines

Application Fee

$    50

Due upon receipt of application; must be paid before application is processed

Tuition Deposit

$  500

Immediately upon acceptance

Credit hour fee* (only for students taking fewer than 10  credits or for additional credits above 17)



Student Activity Fee

$  450

Due with full tuition payment

Late Fees



Late Registration Fee

$  130


Late Payment Fee

$  250


Other Specific Fees



Transcript Fee **

$    10


Permit to Stay Fee*** (for Degree-Seeking students and Visiting/ENLUS students who obtain a visa for more than 150 days)

$  216


Declaration of Presence Fee**** (for Visiting/ENLUS students who obtain a visa for less than 150 days)

$    36


*For students taking fewer than 10 credits or for additional credits above 17.
**Per transcript after the first one requested, which is free.
***Paid through the JCU payment system for every Permit to Stay first request or renewal. The fee includes:
     •  Mandatory government taxes for Permit to Stay
     •  Duty stamp
     •  Transportation to Post Office and Questura (central Police Station) for students who are registered full-time with JCU
****Paid through the JCU payment system at the beginning of the semester. The fee includes:
     •  Submittal of application to the local Police Station