Tuition and Fees at John Cabot University in Rome

Refund Policy

Tuition: Any student who officially withdraws from the University, for any reason, by the end of the second week of classes is entitled to a full tuition refund (except for the Tuition Deposit and the Student Activity Fee, which are non-refundable). See schedule below.

Students who are compelled to withdraw from all their courses at the University for reasons of illness, hospitalization, death in the family or other situations of similar gravity, and who withdraw from the University officially and with the approval of the financially responsible person, are granted tuition refunds according to the following schedule:

Semester Tuition refund schedule:

Prior to the end of the second week of classes 100%
During the third and fourth week of classes 70%
During the fifth and sixth week of classes 40%
After the sixth week of classes None

Summer Tuition refund schedule:
Students receive 100% tuition refund (less tuition deposit) through the Add-Drop period.  After the Add-Drop period there is no refund.

Housing refund schedule:

Time of cancellation Refund
The housing deposit is non-refundable in all cases.
Before the application and deposit deadline 100% of housing fees
Between the application and deposit deadline and the full payment deadline 75% of housing fees
After the full payment deadline 50% of housing fees
After the housing unit has been occupied No refund*

* Refunds are considered after the non-refundable USD $ / EUR € 1,000 deposit has been subtracted.

The university reserves the right to consider a refund upon an evaluation of the individual case and circumstances. Students may be requested to provide proof in support of their request for a refund. Please contact the JCU Housing Office at [email protected] with additional questions regarding canceling your housing application.

Meal Plan cancellation and refund policy.

Withdrawal Policy
Students who must withdraw from a course during a semester for reasons of extended illness or family emergency may receive a refund according to the above refund scale, provided the withdrawal is officially approved by the Dean. A student may be advised to withdraw from a course for academic reasons. No refunds are made in that case.

Students are financially responsible for courses for which they are registered after the last day of the drop/add period.

No refunds will be made in the case of unofficial withdrawal or dismissal from the University.

Good Financial Standing
Students will be considered to be in good financial standing at the end of each term when all accounts are cleared with the Business Manager, the Housing Office and the Library. Students not in good financial standing will not be issued grades or transcripts and may be refused re-enrollment at the University.