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John Cabot University is an American-accredited international liberal arts university located in Rome, Italy. With about 1,500 students from over 70 countries, our average class size is 15-20. Earning a degree at John Cabot will allow your students to leverage the inclusive international community as well as the partnerships with over 650 companies in and outside of Italy that come with being a student at JCU. We offer US federal aid and our own institutional scholarships so there is always a way to help your student find their path to Rome.


John Cabot University has waived the SAT/ACT requirement for students applying for the Spring 2024 and Fall 2024 semesters. SAT or ACT scores are not required for Admissions, but they will be considered if submitted.

Application Deadlines
Applications must be completed by the application deadlines listed to receive an admissions decision by the notification date corresponding to that application deadline. Applications that are completed after the application deadline will be considered applications for the subsequent deadline.

Students should note that greater scholarship and financial aid funds may be available earlier in the application cycle. Due to the Italian high school cycle, students from Italian licei have slightly different requirements.


 Deadline Name  Application Deadline  Notification Date Deposit Deadline 
Early Action November 15 December 15 June 1
Regular Decision March 1 April 1 June 1
Late Decision I June 1 June 15 July 1
Late Decision II* July 31 August 5 August 5
*only available to students who do not require a study visa


Deadline Name   Application Deadline  Notification Date Deposit Deadline  
Regular Decision October 15 October 20 November 1
Late Decision I November 15 December 5 December 5
Late Decision II* December 15 December 20 December 20
*only available to students who do not require a study visa


Deadline Name Application Deadline Decision Notification Deposit Deadline
Summer I April 15 Rolling April 30
Summer II May 15 Rolling May 20
*only available to students who do not require a study visa


Students who are non-native speakers of English must demonstrate evidence of English language proficiency for admission to the University's degree program and English Language for University Studies program unless the student has done the following:

  • Two years of study in a U.S.-accredited, International Baccalaureate, or United Kingdom diploma program where English is the only medium of instruction
  • Two years of study in an English-speaking country listed on the U.K. Ministry of Education or in the educational systems of these countries (regardless of location) where English is the only medium of instruction

If the English proficiency of any applicant is in question, the Admissions Committee will request additional information or documentation. Students who meet the entrance requirements of the University but lack sufficient preparation in written and spoken English may be eligible to enter the University’s ENLUS Program, an intensive English language course that prepares students for study at the university level.

Who is my Admissions Counselor?

Contact [email protected] to find out which JCU Admissions Counselor is assigned to your region.

Join our Counselor fly-in program! 

Once a year, we have a select amount of counselors who are flown over to Rome to see our beautiful campus, learn more about the culture of John Cabot University, meet members of our dedicated staff, and enjoy the Eternal City!

Counselors at JCU

In July 2023, the JCU Admissions Office hosted its latest Counselor fly-in and welcomed nine counselors from international and US high schools. The counselors flew over to Rome to see our beautiful campus, learn more about the culture of John Cabot University, meet members of our dedicated staff, and enjoy the Eternal City. It was a great opportunity for them to delve deeper into JCU and the whole Gladiators experience: we planned a mixture of institutional activities as well as extracurricular ones that further immersed them in our local community. The following institutions were represented:

  • International School of Paris, France 
  • American Academy Casablanca, Morocco 
  • The American College of Greece, Athens, Greece 
  • Del Campo School, Tegucigalpa, Honduras
  • Summit High School, Summit, NJ USA 
  • Laurel Springs School, Ojai, CA USA
  • EF Academy New York, Thornwood, NY USA 
  • British International School of Houston, TX USA 
  • Riviera Schools, Miami, FL USA    

For a chance to be picked for our counselor fly-in program, please write to [email protected]


 Ramzi Assir

Ramzi Assir - US Admissions Counselor

"As an alumnus and now admissions counselor for John Cabot, I tell all prospective students that you have the rest of your life to live in your home country. If you have a chance to live and study in Rome you should take it."