Psychological and Social Sciences

Department of Psychological and Social Sciences

Welcome to the Department of Psychological and Social Sciences! 

We offer a Bachelor of Arts in Psychological Science, a minor in Psychology, as well as a variety of courses in the social sciences (e.g., anthropology, sociology). 

Studying psychology and social sciences at JCU, where students and professors from different parts of the world come together to share their knowledge, offers the best environment to develop an understanding and appreciation of the processes guiding human behavior as well as the social and cultural factors influencing it.  

By promoting a thorough appreciation of the social, cognitive and affective processes underlying human behavior, courses in our department offer students a unique opportunity to better understand themselves and the world they live in. 

B.A. in Psychological Science 

The Bachelor of Arts in Psychological Science provides a solid base for the scientific study of individual and group behavior and mental processes within a liberal arts curriculum. It allows students to gain the discipline-specific knowledge essential to pursue further studies in Psychology and related fields (e.g., social work, education, business). It also allows students to develop and hone interpersonal, analytical, quantitative, and communications skills that can be employed in a variety of domains, from social services to science journalism, to sales and advertising. 


Our faculty are renowned scholars with educational and work experience from prestigious national and international universities (including U.C. Davis, University College London, University of Padua, University of South Florida). They are not only dedicated professors who will prepare you for your future studies and careers, but also exceptional mentors that will facilitate and support your own personal growth and development.

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Research Opportunities 

Our faculty are active researchers in a variety of fields. Students interested in gaining research experience can do so through the research assistantship program