Psychological and Social Sciences

Bachelor of Arts in Psychological Science in Rome

The Bachelor of Arts in Psychological Science provides a solid base for the scientific study of individual and group behavior and mental processes within a liberal arts curriculum. It allows students to gain the discipline-specific knowledge essential to pursue further studies in Psychology and related fields (e.g., social work, education, business). It also allows students to develop and hone interpersonal, analytical, quantitative, and communications skills that can be employed in a variety of domains, from social services to science journalism, to sales and advertising. 

We offer numerous merit-based Presidential Scholarships and need-based Assistance Grants.

Learning Outcomes for the Psychological Science major


A. The Proficiency and General Distribution Requirements of the University.

B. Core Courses

  • PS 101 Introduction to Psychology
  • PS 208 Introduction to Statistical Analyses of Psychological Data
  • PS 210 Introduction to Research Methods
  • PS 307 Cognitive Psychology
  • PS 370 Psychobiology
  • PS 320 Developmental Psychology
  • PS 334 Social Psychology
  • Two 300 level PS courses from two of four areas: Cognitive, Psychobiological, Developmental, and Sociocultural
  • One PS course from one of three areas: Clinical Psychology, Industrial Organizational Psychology, Educational Psychology
  • PS 480 Senior Seminar in Psychology

C. Major Electives
Five additional courses to be chosen, as advised, from any of the available psychology courses not already used to satisfy core course requirements.

D. General Electives sufficient to give a total of 120 credits.