Housing and Residential Life

Minors Program


The John Cabot University (JCU) Minors Program provides a support system necessary for underage degree-seeking students to thrive academically and socially as they begin their studies at JCU. This support includes a stand-in guardian (in loco parentis) who has passed a background check and is available to guide and advise students until they turn 18. Minor students also benefit from access to the JCU emergency line and staff assistance in the event of medical urgencies or involvement with Italian authorities. 

All minors who request to live in JCU Housing are assigned a bed in an apartment, shared with others of the same age* in the Gianicolo Residence, which guarantees a strong staff presence during the day, a Residence Director who lives on site, and 24-hour security at the entrance to the building.

“Proof of Accommodation” and a “Letter of Responsibility” will be provided for those minors residing in JCU Housing under the Minors Program. For more information, please contact the Program Manager, Roman Clark, at [email protected].

In addition to regular check-ins with assigned staff, the JCU Minors Program features a series of activities and events offered exclusively to those enrolled. These include two daytrips, two cultural activities (cooking classes etc.), and one overnight excursion per semester. These benefits are included in your tuition fees.

In the interest of safety, and to comply with Italian legislation regarding minors, the JCU Minors Program features a series of measures and regulations with which minor students must comply until they become of age:

Daily Curfew
All residents require their JCU ID badge to enter and leave the Gianicolo Residence. In the case of minors, the time of access is monitored by the security guard to ensure their presence within the building between the hours of 10.00 pm and 7.00 am.

The curfew is lifted on the night before students’ 18th birthday.

Travel Restrictions
Travel off campus and outside Rome is permitted only if authorized in advance by the Minors Program Manager. To obtain permission, you must demonstrate that you will be in the care of an adult-aged family member or close family friend. Adult-aged friends attending JCU are not eligible to accompany you or take responsibility for you while traveling.

University-sponsored Trips and Activities
While you are encouraged to participate in clubs and activities offered through the Student Services Office, overnight excursions are not permitted before you turn 18.

The legal drinking age in Italy is 18. Possession or consumption of alcohol by minors on campus or in the residences is strictly prohibited. If found responsible for a violation, sanctions may be applied, including removal from JCU Housing.


Webinars are routinely scheduled to provide an overview of the program for interested minors and their families. Please note, the webinar is mandatory for all enrolled minors. The Minors Program Manager will also set up an individual call with all enrolled minors and their parent(s)/guardian(s) prior to the start of the semester.

To find out more about the JCU Minors Program, get in touch with us at [email protected].

Program Exemption

Minors may wish to live off campus. This can only be approved if a Rome-based guardian is assigned to them until their 18th birthday. This relative or close family member will be asked to complete documentation before the start of the semester and will be responsible for the minor in medical emergencies and other situations of urgent need or those requiring the presence of an adult. 

Additionally, guardians must sign a ‘Letter of Responsibility’ on behalf of the minor for the Italian study visa. Please bear in mind that both this letter and accommodation are two important aspects of receiving an Italian study visa; arrangements must be made independently by the minor and their family.

Minors with EU Citizenship – Italian study visa not required – who wish to live off campus must nonetheless be under the guardianship of a Rome-based relative or close family friend until they turn 18.

* Residents are not required to vacate the apartment if they turn 18 during the semester.