Housing and Residential Life

Housing Move-In/Move-Out Dates and Arrival Information

Move-in/move-out Dates

JCU Housing is not available before or after the dates listed below. You are expected to be completely moved out of Housing by 12:00 noon of the last day of move-out.

No housing will be available to students under any circumstances before or after the scheduled move-in/out dates. If you arrive in Rome before the move-in date, you must arrange for your own accommodations and transportation to the Gianicolo Residence until your accommodations become available. If you are traveling with family or friends, please note that overnight guests are not allowed to stay in JCU housing with you.

Spring 2023

Move-in: January 9, 2023 (Mon.)

All New Degree Seeking Students and Visiting Students from the following schools:

  • Iowa State University
  • Rutgers
  • Sacred Heart University
  • Saint Mary's College
  • Texas Christian University
  • University of Delaware
  • Loyola University Maryland
  • Northeastern University

Move-in: January 10, 2022 (Tue.)

Returning students in JCU Housing, Gap year students, Enlus Students, all other Visiting Students.

Shuttle Service

On the move-in date(s), for students staying with JCU Housing, the university arranges a shuttle service from Rome-Fiumicino Airport (FCO) Terminal 3 to their assigned accommodation between 9am and 7pm.

VERY IMPORTANT: If, for any reason (delays, missed flights, booking mistakes, etc.) you are unable to meet the JCU representatives at the meeting point at Fiumicino Airport Terminal 3 during the hours of operation (9AM to 7PM,) you will need to arrange for your accommodations and transportation to the Housing Office at the Gianicolo Residence on Vicolo della Penitenza, which is open from 9AM to 6PM on weekdays.
Please note that if your plane arrives before 9AM, you can wait for the JCU representatives near the Info desk at Terminal 3 of Fiumicino Airport.

Booking Your Flight

When choosing a flight into Rome, try to find one that arrives no later than 5PM on the move-in date. This should give you enough time to land, retrieve your belongings, and meet the JCU representatives at the airport before 7PM. Please remember that there can be significant delays in passport control and in customs.

We encourage first-time international travelers to find a direct flight to Rome from the US. If you are going to take a connecting flight, remember to book your flight early so you will be able to pick and choose your connecting cities.

Alternative Transfer Services

If you are ineligible for our shuttle service, we recommend Rome Transfers Agency*. They are a reliable company that can arrange for your airport transfer. They may be contacted at +39-339-385-5056. You may also ask for a JCU discount.

*Rome Transfers Agency  is a private operator independent of John Cabot University. They are solely responsible for the delivery of their services. John Cabot University is not responsible for any loss, damages or inconvenience. JCU will not intervene in case of dissatisfaction with their service or lack thereof.