Graduate Housing Polices and Deadlines


Graduate Program and Housing Contract Application and Deposit Payment Deadline* Payment installment Fall Payment installment Spring Payment installment Summer
MA in Art History or International Affairs Fall to Spring semesters (40-weeks)  May 15 July 15 November 30 N/A
MA in Art History or International Affairs Summer (optional for returning students only) April 15 April 30 N/A N/A
Dual-Degree MBA (2025) Contract A (36 weeks) May 15 July 15 November 30 N/A
Dual-Degree MBA (2025) Contract B (47 weeks) May 15 July 15 November 30 April 30
Luxury Management (36 weeks) May 15 July 15 November 30 N/A

*Students can update or amend their application on the Student Portal before the application deadline (midnight CET). After the deadline, the submitted application will remain available to view only. 


Once students are placed in JCU Housing, they will receive an email notification with the assigned building and room type. The apartment address or roommate(s) information will not be released until the move-in day. JCU Graduate Housing contract does not include or house non-JCU individuals (i.e., friends and family) of the student. No overnight visitors are allowed in JCU Housing.

If, for any reason, JCU finds it necessary to change housing assignments, it reserves the right to place students in another accommodation and communicate it to them.

The apartments have various floor plans, aesthetics, furnishings, or locations. Students can enter building and room options on the application as preferred housing options; however, the actual placement may vary based on the availability and the date of submission. Graduate Housing is limited, and priority is given to new incoming graduate students who start in Fall. 

For Housing move-in and move-out dates, refer to the Arrival Information page.  


JCU Housing reserves the right to withhold transcripts if the accommodation is not returned in satisfactory condition. This includes damage to the apartment, missing items, extra cleaning (cleaning is done by an agency contracted by the University at mid-term and at the end of the year only), and excessive utility charges incurred at the end of the term. Transcript holds will be released only after payment is made to the JCU Finance Office.


Students can request to cancel their JCU Housing application by notifying [email protected]. The refund will be assessed based on the Refund and Cancellation schedule below. 

Cancellation request submitted  Deposit Refund  Housing Fee Refund 
Before the application and deposit deadline  YES 100%
After the application and deposit deadline   NO 100%
After the full payment deadline   NO 100%
Between the full payment deadline and the 1st move-in date  NO 100%
After the move-in date (no show)  NO 0%
After the housing unit has been occupied  NO 0%


Students must complete the online Housing Agreement sent via email prior to their departure, agreeing to respect the property, privacy, and rights of roommates and neighbors as well as abide by all Italian laws. All students staying in JCU Housing are responsible for reading and abiding by the policies and procedures outlined in JCU Housing Policies and Regulations.