Learn Do Share


JCU has a long tradition of integrating experiential learning with other academic activities. Learn-Do-Share is the initiative that brings real companies and real problems into the classroom, allowing students to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world situations.

Typically companies brief students who then work in teams, supervised by a professor, to solve problems or seize opportunities; the work spans several weeks and concludes with an oral presentation to the company, supported by a written analysis and recommendation.

Benefits to Students

Students participating in these projects:

  • Apply theoretical knowledge to a real project, testing their newly acquired competencies
  • See problems and opportunities in their full complexity
  • Learn how constraints such as budgets, lack of data, uncertainty, and culture impact implementation
  • Practice interacting with the external world in a professional manner
  • Reinforce their research, public speaking, presentation and writing skills
  • Rise to the competitive challenge and present actionable recommendations
  • Prepare for the job market, learning to understand the company’s perspective
  • Enrich their resume with demonstrable evidence of their skills
  • Provide a valuable service to the local community

Benefits to Clients

In addition to fulfilling a positive social role, client organizations receive valuable benefits, as they:

  • Gain enthusiastic young talent, guided by professionals
  • Complete projects they may not otherwise have the resources to pursue
  • Acquire specific competencies they may not have in-house (including languages and
    a highly international perspective)
  • Approach problems from a fresh, external point of view
  • Receive multiple solutions to the same problem (unlike traditional consulting)
  • Have access to a demographic class that may represent their future customers
  • Meet talented students they may want to hire upon graduation
  • Lend their experience to the training of the next generation of leaders

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The projects come in multiple flavors, the only constraint being that they must be contained within the time frame of a semester or summer session. Projects will be selected on the basis of their scope and educational value. Examples include:

  • Beta testing of applications
  • Communication campaigns
  • Environmental analysis
  • Forecasting and scenario analysis
  • Fund-raising
  • Internationalization plan
  • Market research
  • Marketing plan
  • Product design
  • Promotion and advertising strategy
  • Segmentation, targeting, positioning
  • Social responsibility, employee, or environmental policies
  • Strategic planning
  • Visual communication and branding (logos, images, brochure)
  • Website development

Check out some sample cases!