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The JCU Elevator Pitch Competition

An Elevator Pitch is a quick way of putting across the fundamental elements of a project, a business idea, a social cause or even one's professional qualifications and capturing the other person's attention to prompt him/her to action. The JCU Elevator Pitch Competition is a vehicle to help students develop this specific skill and test it in a competitive environment. In our contest, the pitch takes the form of a one-minute, no visuals presentation. Intimidating as it might seem, the Elevator Pitch is an opportunity for students to become better speakers, and consolidate one of John Cabot graduates' watermark characteristic: poise and an ability to interact with the outside world in a professional manner. The competition is embedded in several courses as part of the overall assessment, to guarantee appropriate training.

Participants can choose among these three categories:
Business: you aim to persuade investors to support your business idea financially.
Personal: the candidate's answer to the interviewer's question "Why should I hire you?".
Social Innovation and Advocacy: this may be a social startup (i.e. a business idea that incorporates social impact), a pitch for a social or charitable cause with a strong call to action (eg. donate, join, change habits, promote, etc.) or even promoting one of the JCU student clubs. 

The winners in each of the three categories will receive a certificate and prize of either a €100 Amazon voucher or a donation of €100 in their name to a charity of choice.

To submit your pitch

To submit your pitch, fill out the Elevator Pitch Competition Form. Dates for workshops, deadlines for submission and other relevant information provided in the Form. 

Fall 2022 Winners

Social Innovation/Advocacy
Tiberia delivered an impassioned speech advocating for the education of women in India.

Business idea
Luca presented an idea to promote personalized food products.

Personal pitch
Anastasiia's pitch described her qualifications as a graphic designer.

Each winner will receive a €100 voucher.

Faculty’s Choice

For the special category Faculty’s Choice, to recognize extraordinary pitches:

Social Innovation/Advocacy
Anna advocated for Stand Club and its ongoing plans for building furniture in the Italian Red Cross’s Child Neuropsychiatry Clinic.

Business Idea
Carlos promoted Organic World, a company based in Chile of which he is CEO, that promotes accessibility to organic food.

Personal Pitch
Camilla shared how her attention to detail and analytical skills while working as the social media manager assistant benefited the sales of a local business.

Each winner will receive a €50 voucher.

A look inside JCU's Elevator Pitch Competition

"As an exercise in creative rhetoric, this is a natural fit for Literature and Creative Writing students." Prof. Shannon Russell, Associate Professor of English