Italy Pitches


How do I confirm participation?
Teachers should register their class(es) by January 25th, 2019, by emailing [email protected]

Does Italy Pitches qualify for Alternanza Scuola Lavoro?
Yes, the project qualifies as 10 hours towards ASL. However, the high school must first sign an Agreement with John Cabot University. Please confirm with [email protected] that your school has signed an ASL at JCU Agreement.

Will JCU issue Certificates of Participation?
Yes, JCU will issue certificates of participation to both teachers and students.

Will teachers get some training?
There will be a pitching workshop at JCU (see Calendar) and teachers can contact the Institute for additional information.

Who can participate?
Students in their 4th year only. An exception can be made for students in their 5th year if the school is participating in the program for the first time.

Is there a cap on the number of students that can participate from each school?
The total number of students that can take part in the final pitch is 80. We will allocate these slots among schools once we know how many teachers plan to participate.

When is the final event going to be held?
For day, time and venue of the final event see the Calendar.

What will the prize be?               
The first prize is a voucher to attend JCU’s Summer Camp 2018.

Do we need to bring the entire class for the workshop?
No, teachers with a representative group of students may take part and then share the information with the others.

Can we pre-select the better students to participate?
Yes, this decision rests with the teachers.

Should students work individually or in groups?
Students may work individually or in groups, as the teacher prefers. The pitch has been structured very simply to enable teachers to use it in the way that best fits their pedagogical goals.

Can our students get a better idea of how the Elevator Pitch works?
Teachers and students will be invited to the JCU Elevator Pitch Competition, where undergraduates will be delivering their pitches (see Calendar).

Will the jury ask questions?
No, students will only have to deliver their pitch.

Can the pitch be for a business idea?
No, we have to create a common playing field for all participants. However, should a teacher identify students who have a business idea, we can make a special arrangement and invite them to participate in the JCU Elevator Pitch Competition.

Can students base their pitch on an imaginary organization or should it be real?
No, in order to be effective the pitch must refer to a real organization.

Is the competition only and exclusively for students from 4th year?
Yes. Students in the 3rd year can plan to take part next year.

 For more information regarding the program please contact us