Commencement at John Cabot University

Information for Graduates


Where can I find the SharePoint page about Commencement?
This page contains all information regarding Commencement Ceremony and Graduation Gala dates, requirements for graduation, and important deadlines.

When does the Commencement Ceremony start and end?
The Commencement Ceremony at Villa Aurelia on Monday, May 13 will start at 5:30 PM, and end around 7:00 PM, followed by a reception. All graduates are expected to be at the Villa by 12:45 PM with their graduation gowns. The gates for the guests will open at 4:15 PM, which is when they are expected to arrive. All guests must be seated by 5.15 PM.  

How many guests can I invite to the Commencement Ceremony?
Each graduate can invite two guests.

How does the waitlist for Commencement work?
The waitlist will open on March 2 at 9 AM. Requests made prior to this time will not be considered. Send an email to [email protected] with the subject line “Requesting extra ticket” and enter the first and last name of the guest for whom you are requesting the extra ticket. The waitlist will be compiled in order of email arrivals to the inbox. Each graduate can request one extra ticket. The deadline to change the name of your guests is April 24.

How many guests can I invite to the Graduation Gala Dinner?
Each graduate can invite one guest.

When is the Graduation Gala Dinner?
The Gala Dinner at Castello di Torcrescenza on Friday, May 10 will start at 7:00 PM and end around 10:00 PM.

How much do the tickets cost for the Gala Dinner?
Graduates do not pay to attend the Gala Dinner, while their guests need to purchase a ticket for a cost of € 80. Payments can be made directly at the JCU online payment portal, or the Business Office at Critelli Campus.

Do I need to pay for my graduation gown?
No, you do not need to pay for your graduation gown.

When and where can I pick up my graduation gown?
After the deadline to submit gown sizes, you will receive an email from [email protected] communicating the pick-up day and location.

Will the Commencement Ceremony be streamed?
Yes, the Commencement Ceremony will be streamed. We will share the link before the Ceremony day.


There is no greater expression of community at John Cabot University than Commencement. Guidelines for appropriate attire at Commencement have been established in order to preserve the dignity and importance of the occasion and to show respect for the University, its graduates, their families, and special guests. The purpose of this policy is to set standards related to academic regalia and adornments worn at Commencement.

Formal student academic regalia, consisting of academic gowns and mortarboards, is required in order to march at Commencement and must be worn throughout the event. Students may choose the attire they wish to wear underneath their regalia, but clothing and shoes are mandatory. 


Associate and Bachelor’s Candidates

  • Traditional blue gown
  • Caps are traditional blue mortarboards and blue tassels
  • Stoles are white and blue with JCU logo 

Master’s Candidates

  • Traditional blue gown
  • Caps are traditional blue mortarboards and gold tassels
  • Stoles are gold and blue with JCU logo 


  • Academic Honors Cords – gold
  • Leadership Cords – red
  • Service Cords – turquoise 

Medallions and Pins

  • Athletics – approved Gladiator pins
  • Student Clubs and organizations – approved JCU logo pins
  • *Other recognized student organizations or academic programs wishing to provide student members with organization or program recognition regalia adornments to be worn at Commencement must seek prior approval from the Office of the President.

You can submit your gown size here


Decorated mortarboards, sashes, or pins representing students’ individual identity are permitted, barring profanity, offensive language/symbols, slogans, or direct attacks or references to speakers or special guests.

Further Information
For more information regarding graduation procedures, please check your JCU email or contact [email protected].