Not For Credit Internships

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Please note that this page contains information for Degree-Seeking students. Study abroad students: click here to find out more about your application process.

Each employer will have his/her specific requirements for potential candidates, but to be eligible to apply for an internship through the JCU Career Services, you must;

  • Be enrolled at JCU for the semester (or summer session) in which you would like to get the internship (degree-seeking or study-abroad) with at least sophomore standing and a minimum GPA of 2.5.
  • Any applicant, whether student or graduate, has to be in a good administrative standing with the University.

Internships through JCU are highly competitive and we cannot guarantee you will obtain one, as final decision rests with the companies that interview candidates. However, we encourage you to try and apply, as an internship is a highly formative experience and will enrich your resume.


Please apply in accordance with the following calendar:

Spring Internships: from October 1 to January 15
Summer Internships: from February 1 to May 15
Fall Internships: from May 1 to September 15 (with a break from July 15 to August 25)

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It is understood that if students are enrolled in regular courses, the internship would be part-time, meaning on average 120-150 hours in total, to be distributed over the semester in agreement with the organization.

Generally, interns work between 15 and 20 hours per week, although some digital-based or on-call internships, might be from remote and/or require 10 hours per week or less.

Summer internships are a little more elastic given the time-frame involved, but the details are agreed upon with the host organization.

If you have any questions, please, refer to the Center for Career Services: [email protected]