Study Abroad in Rome

A Message From The President

President PavoncelloDear prospective students,

“If you want to study here, bring your passport,” said a Dean of a leading American university some years ago. Few other statements have captured the profound transformation of higher education in our age of globalization. Studying abroad is no longer the courageous choice of the intrepid few—it is increasingly becoming an essential feature of today’s university experience. An experience which changes students’ lives, opens unknown vistas, and is highly valued by employers and graduate admissions officers as a sign of flexibility and openness to different ways of thinking.

Studying abroad is a wonderful experience – but also a challenging one – precisely because at the root of study abroad there is a fundamental tension between the desire to explore unfamiliar places and cultures, and the need to continue to acquire a first-rate university education.

The ideal study abroad experience must combine these two important aspects: solid academics, and an enriching and inspiring international setting.

This is precisely what makes John Cabot University such a special place for young women and men seeking a meaningful study abroad experience. The magical location of the University in the heart of Rome, its world class academic programs, the presence of students from over 80 countries around the world – together with a large contingent of American and Italian students – are the ingredients that blend together to provide an unforgettable and deeply rewarding study abroad experience.

Spending a semester or a year at John Cabot University will transform your life and give you a new and wider perspective on the world. Many students before you have experienced that transformation, and we are looking forward to welcoming you to join their ranks.


Franco Pavoncello, Ph.D.