Dichiarazione di Valore

Dichiarazione di Valore


Students who require a Study Visa to be able to continue their studies at an Italian University to pursue a Laurea Magistrale will be asked to request a Dichiarazione di Valore for their John Cabot University Degree.

The Dichiarazione di Valore is a document issued by the Italian Consulate that describes and certifies a foreign degree; it is required for non-EU students who do not have an Italian or EU Degree and it provides eligibility to apply for admission to an Italian University. Some Italian universities may also require EU students to submit the Dichiarazione di Valore.

For further information, please see Procedure per l’ingresso, il soggiorno e l’immatricolazione degli studenti richiedenti visto ai corsi della formazione superiore in Italia 

The Italian Consulate requires proof of admission to an Italian University in order to issue the Dichiarazione di Valore (for example: Admissions letter or receipt of tuition payment). For academic purposes, the Dichiarazione di Valore is issued free of charge.

Should you request the Dichiarazione di Valore for other purposes, the Consulate will inform you of the required fee.

Please note that if you are in possession of a high school diploma that was not issued through the Italian Ministry of Education, you will be required to submit a Dichiarazione di Valore for that diploma as well.  If the high school falls within the jurisdiction of the Consulate of Philadelphia, then the request for the Dichiarazione di Valore and supporting documentation can be sent to the Consulate directly. Otherwise, you must obtain the Dichiarazione di Valore from the competent Consulate and forward it to the address below.

Requesting a Dichiarazione di Valore for a John Cabot University Degree is a very simple procedure that takes approximately 8 to 12 weeks, provided that you make sure to follow the instructions in this section carefully and submit all of the necessary documentation.

The Registrar’s Office at John Cabot University can assist with the preparation of the official request and the supporting documentation for a subsidized fee of $/€ 50 for non-EU students, and $/€ 100 for EU students. Please email Registrar Scarpati at [email protected] for instructions on how to proceed. 

You will be required to prepare a package of the following documents that you will send to the Italian Consulate in Philadelphia:

*Please use UPS, FEDEX or Mailboxes for the prepaid return label.

Follow the step by step instructions we have provided for you: