Psychological and Social Sciences


LOS 1. Knowledge base in Psychology. Students should demonstrate knowledge and understanding of major concepts, theories, empirical findings and application in the main areas of psychology.

LOS 2. Scientific Inquiry and Critical Thinking. Students should demonstrate adequate knowledge of the methods and procedures of scientific inquiry and develop scientific reasoning and problem-solving skills.    

LOS 3. Communication. Students should demonstrate adequate competence in writing, oral, and interpersonal communication skills. They should be able to write persuasive scientific arguments, present information using the scientific approach, and express their own ideas with clarity.

LOS 4. Ethical and social responsibility. Students should develop ethical and socially responsible behaviors for professional and personal settings. They should be familiar with the formal regulations that govern ethics in the profession (e.g., APA Ethics Code, Codice Deontologico degli Psicologi italiani, Office of Human Research Protections and IRB protocols) and be able to apply ethical standards to evaluate psychological science and practice.

LOS 5. Professional Development. Students should be able to apply psychology-specific content and skills to workplace settings. They should develop and refine project-management skills, teamwork capacity, and career preparation.