Information Technology Services

Printing Policy

Print Charges and Credits

At the beginning of the semester, each student receives a credit of € 40 (summer session students receive a credit of € 20). This equals 400 printed pages (at a cost of 10 euro cents per page). When your account balance reaches 50 copies, a message will pop up on your computer stating that your balance is getting low. When your account balance reaches zero, a message will pop up on your computer saying that there is no balance in your account and you will not be allowed to print.

Size Color Grayscale Color Duplex (each side) Grayscale Duplex (each side)
A3 € 1.00 € 0.20 € 1.50 € 0.30
A4 € 0.50 € 0.10 € 0.75 € 0.15

Purchasing Additional Print Credits

  • You may purchase additional print credits from the IT offices.
  • Payments may be made in cash only.
  • Additional credits may be purchased Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Obtaining a Print Credit Authorization Form

There are two situations in which you may be authorized to receive additional print credits. These are listed below:

  • If your instructor is requiring you to print out more than 50 pages worth of handouts, you are entitled to receive print credits for the amount over and above 50 pages.
  • If you are working on your thesis, you are entitled to receive 800 additional print credits for the semester.

To receive your additional print credits, proceed as follows:

  • Print out a copy of the print credit authorization form.
  • Take the copy to your instructor to fill out.
  • The instructor will fill out and give the form back to the ITS Department.
  • Your print credits will be increased to the amount authorized on the signed form.

Rules and Procedures

  • Unused credits can not be carried over from one semester to the next.
  • No refunds will be given for unwanted printouts, unless the print quality is bad (e.g. toner needs to be changed) or the paper is damaged (e.g. paper jam).
  • No refunds will be given for credits remaining at the end of the semester.
  • No refunds will be given if you fail to log out of a computer and another student prints using your login name.
  • You may not transfer credits to another student's account.
  • You may not print more than 50 pages in one print job. If you need to print a large document, you will need to print it in sections of less than 50 pages at a time. Please try to restrict the printing of large documents to hours when the computer lab is not busy.
  • The ITS Department is not responsible if your quota is met illegally (e.g. someone else uses your account).

Checking your print balance
To check your balance on any computer in the computer labs login to You will be able to see your printing summary, the transaction history and recent print jobs.