Guarini Institute

Guarini Institute Internship

The Guarini Institute for Public Affairs offers an internship every semester to a JCU student, irrespective of major or minor, with a keen interest in public affairs, a GPA above 3.2 and a strong motivation for the job. The internship can be for-credit or not for-credit. Applications, with a cv and cover letter, must be submitted to Prof. Argentieri, director of the Institute, by July 31st for the Fall semester, by November 30th for the Spring semester and by May 10th for Summer term.

Job description

Tasks to be implemented by the intern include, among others

  • Regularly updating the external emailing list and the Institute’s Facebook page;
  • Establishing permanent working contacts with JCU's student government and clubs, to notify them in advance of upcoming events;
  • Maintaining contacts with members of the Advisory Council;
  • Maintaining correspondence with speakers before and after events, particularly in connection with privacy issues and the posting of lecture/conference paper texts on JCU's website;
  • Contribute substantially to the preparation of events, by advertising them, setting up the Aula Magna or other designed classroom, preparing name placards, verifying the functioning of technical supports and the like;
  • Contributing to the activity at large with comments, suggestions and by collecting feedback from external participants, JCU students, faculty and staff alike;
  • Setting up the Guarini Institute's archives.

Internship Testimonials

Marco Rampoldi, Study Abroad student, Spring & Summer 2020:
As a study abroad student from McGill University I took the opportunity to work for the Guarini Institute for Public affairs as a way to refine my professional skills and expand my network. This experience was as challenging as it was rewarding. The work I did for the institute sharpened my administrative and organizational abilities and in turn led me to become a more dynamic and flexible problem solver. Moreover, I had the pleasure to work alongside a vast array of policy experts, academics, entrepreneurs and journalists and have consequently gained a much clearer understanding of the professional pathways available to me. 

What I appreciated the most out of this work experience was the feeling that what I was doing mattered. I believe in the importance of divulging the remarkable stories, worldviews and theories that were presented during the events hosted by the Guarini Institute. I take great satisfaction in knowing that I worked for an institute that provided a platform for these ideas to be shared

Kamila Sabyrrakhim, Class of 2019:
Like most graduates, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of uncertainty after graduation, not knowing what to do next. Once I found out about the Guarini Institute internship opportunity, I did not hesitate to apply. The program enabled me to immerse myself into the world of international politics and helped me to shape my academic and professional interests.

Moreover, through the Guarini Institute internship I was able to improve my organizational skills, which made me realize that every successful event requires thorough preparation. Having the opportunity to represent the Guarini Institute on international conferences such as OSCE’s Inter-Regional Conference on Anti-terrorism in Mongolia and attending other events enabled me to expand my professional network, and deepen my knowledge in the field of international affairs. Finally, the Institute director, Professor Federigo Argentieri, has tremendously added to my personal and academic development, by challenging me to step out of my comfort zone and giving me valuable practical advice along the way.

Sopho Kharazi, Class of 2018:
Even though the internship in the Guarini Institute for Public Affairs was not my first job experience, it was the first one involving event planning, organization and logistics. Through this experience, I have developed my professional and academic qualifications. On the one hand, as an intern, I have improved my communication, writing, public speaking, time management and organizational skills. On the other hand, as I was obliged to attend various seminars organized by the Institute, I have enriched my knowledge of issues related to the international relations.

This internship experience has allowed me to meet numerous interesting people and expand my contact network. I have received various pieces of advice regarding my career path from professionals who are the best in their fields. My supervisor, Professor Federigo Argentieri was very helpful as he contributed tremendously to my professional and academic growth.

Cristian Tracci, Class of 2016:
I have always loved running around school trying to organize all kinds of events. At the same time, I am a political junkie. The internship with the Guarini Institute has allowed me to further develop these two components of my character.

I have maintained public relations with other institutions, for example by representing the Guarini Institute at the conference on the Radical Left in Central and Eastern Europe, in Brussels. Our academic lectures have fostered public discussions with several eminent guests, whom I had the pleasure of meeting. Finally, Prof. Argentieri has acted more as a mentor than a supervisor, often sharing precious advice and knowledge.

Max Harden, Study Abroad student, Spring 2012:
As my first internship related to world affairs and academic lectures, my experience interning for the Guarini Institute has been invaluable in exposing me to world issues and areas of study that I previously had little to no interest in. Having now been involved in organizing lecture events, I believe that I now have a much greater interest in attending them and a greater appreciation for academic conferences in general.

I would say that possible applicants should have a general interest in world affairs and becoming educated on topics that may be outside of their focus of study. This internship has certainly strengthened my organizational and communication skills, and I highly recommend applying to both degree-seeking and study abroad students alike.

Anthony Vanicek, Class of 2013:
Being an intern at the Guarini Institute for Public Affairs not only gave me work experience, but it forced me to re-evaluate my perspectives on critical issues facing Europe and the United States.

Hearing the voices of men and women regarding prevalent concerns in the world, meeting and keeping correspondence with journalists, diplomats, ambassadors, scholars and writers gave me an opportunity to learn in a unique way that a classroom is seldom able to offer.

Marianna Griffini, Study Abroad student, Summer Session I 2010:
I am an International Affairs major at the George Washington University (Class of 2013) and, eager to undertake a new and dynamic educational experience, I decided to apply for this internship.

You should be endowed with an interest in International Affairs and History and with good organizational skills. I carried out basic logistic tasks (updating the Guarini Institute mailing list, sending out invitations, and writing the reports of the events we hosted), but, at the same time, I had the opportunity of strengthening such skills.

The events hosted by the Guarini Institute are all remarkable for their political and historical relevance; I especially appreciated Dr. Esther Brimmer's discussion about the global challenges the world is facing nowadays. It was involving to attend a lecture given by the Assistant Secretary of State for International Organizations. I strongly recommend applying for the internship at the Guarini Institute if you are interested in organizing and attending great events!

Ottavia Criss, Class of 2009:
My first experience in communication, event planning, and logistics was through my internship with the Guarini Institute for Public Affairs. I not only learned about global current events from the lectures, but I also learned how to communicate on a professional level and carry out different tasks from start to finish in cooperation with other coworkers around the university. I also learned how valuable and essential it is to have the knowledge and capability to perform logistical tasks and event planning.

My internship experience also helped me in my future career. Since working for the Guarini Institute, I have completed communication and event planning projects for the World Bank, UN, and other organizations.


J. Cottingham (Spring 2024)
H. Nowak (Fall 2023)
G. Romano (Spring 2023)
R. Halterman (Fall 2021 & Spring 2022)
M. Rampoldi (Spring & Summer 2020)
K. Sabyrrakhim (Summer & Fall 2019)
D. Brobbey Kyei (Spring 2019)
C. Casciola (Fall 2018)
G. Rossi (Summer 2018)
S. Kharazi (Spring 2018)
F. Tripodi (Fall 2017)
F. Loner (Student Assistant - Spring 2017)
N. Biles (Spring 2017)
C. Tracci (Summer 2016)
R. Issa (Spring 2016)
R. Sciarra (Fall 2015)
A. Farrage (Summer 2015)
M. Cannata (Summer 2015)
K. Young (Spring 2015)
M. Liburdi (Spring 2015)
M. Barbasàn Ballotta (Fall 2014)

M. Dentamaro (Summer 2014)
F. Leone (Spring 2014)
Z. Sherburne (Spring 2014)
U. Davis (Fall 2013)
T. Trillò (Fall 2013)
I. Mancheva (Summer 2013)
A. Schaaf (Spring 2013)
R. Oudemans (Fall 2012)
I. Giurelli (Summer 2012)
M. Harden (Spring 2012)
E. Swanson (Fall 2011)
A. Vanicek (Summer 2011)
R.Vitalone (Spring 2011)
H. Wolkwitz (Fall 2010)
M. Griffini (Summer 2010)
T. Hormby (Spring 2010)
E. Polich (Fall 2009)
S. Cavasola (Spring 2009)
H. Lapatova (Fall 2008)
O. Criss (Spring 2008)
K. Mapes (Fall 2007)