Economics and Social Science Department at John Cabot University in Rome

Department of Economics Mission Statement

The Mission of the Department of Economics is to educate students to help them grow into accomplished citizens and professionals capable of critical thinking and independent analysis in the fields of economics and finance.   

In support of its Mission, the Department has the following key goals:   

  • To benefit from the American, yet international liberal arts environment that encourages students to compare alternative methodological approaches and types of evidence;  to explore different doctrines as ways of analyzing economic phenomena and evaluating policies with respect to their ethical, environmental, gender, societal, and distributional implications.
  • To make use of synergies across disciplines with particular emphasis on quantitative fields of study to offer a rigorous degree program that enhances students’ employability and provides them with an entrepreneurial mindset, while preparing them for graduate studies.
  • To recruit and support dedicated, talented, and passionate teachers who can sustain the learning outcomes of the major while instilling in our students the excitement of studying and applying economics and finance as well as an appreciation for rigor and formal modeling.   
  • To emphasize faculty scholarly research, teaching, and community engagement as powerful tools to provide our international and diverse student body with a sound understanding of the global issues that confront our society. 
  • To develop relationships with the external community in support of teaching and research in the field of economics and finance.