Economics and Social Science Department at John Cabot University in Rome

Department of Economics

Welcome to JCU's Department of Economics. We are committed to excellence in teaching and to instilling in our students the excitement of studying economics and finance and an appreciation for rigor and formal modeling. Our faculty members offer expertise in a variety of topics, have published articles in international peer-reviewed journals, authored books, and are active in the community. Most importantly, they are excellent teachers dedicated to their students' learning. 

The Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Finance at John Cabot University, a CFA® Recognized University since 2013, has been admitted to the CFA® Institute University Affiliation Program (UAP). This status is granted to institutions that embed a significant portion of the CFA Program Candidate Body of Knowledge™ (CBOK) into their curriculum. 

Nowadays, it is difficult to be informed citizens without having a basic understanding of economics. Moreover, economic principles appropriately implemented by policy-makers lead to outcomes which benefit all of society. The study of economics and finance at JCU provides insights into a wide range of forces that shape our economy. When combined with training in quantitative reasoning, offered by our minor in Mathematics, it delivers an excellent foundation for just about any career our students want to pursue after college. Indeed, firms highly value individuals who have been intrepid and resilient enough to undertake the challenge of studying economics and finance at an American university abroad, like JCU. They also value individuals capable of interacting with students and professors from across the world. 

Students taking courses with us learn how to develop critical thinking skills and to use the analytical tools of economics and statistics to gain a better understanding of the most pressing economic and social issues of our time. Our department curriculum emphasizes analytical rigor, the use and interpretation of empirical and historical evidence, and the development of accurate, well documented, and articulated written arguments. Students acquire a set of skills of practical relevance, making the economics and finance major a gateway to reputable graduate schools and a broad array of careers in business, law, journalism, public policy, and government. 

Prof. Sergio Scicchitano
[email protected]
Chair, Department of Economics 

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