Service Learning


JCU Service Learning -Combining Fieldwork and Education- collaborates with public and non-governmental organizations located in Italy and abroad. Our partners work in diverse fields ranging from the environment, food sustainability, and immigration to mental and physical disabilities.

Skilled and professional human resources are much needed by these organizations to assist them in the everyday delivery of services, as well as in the development and administration of their projects.

Students and alumni will be selected and trained to work with these organizations as a part of their Service Learning -Combining Fieldwork and Education- experience.

By expanding John Cabot University’s exposure to front line humanitarian services, students and alumni will learn about the back-office of Non-Profit organizations and NGOs. This knowledge and skill building experience will facilitate their successful integration in the work environment and expose them to career opportunities.

Fieldwork is a fundamental part of Service Learning -Combining Fieldwork and Education- and aims for students and alumni to:

  • Integrate Service Learning in everyday life;
  • Positively engage in the community, and cultivate a sense of social responsibility;
  • Reflect on personal values and beliefs;
  • Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills while efficiently viewing issues from multiple perspectives;
  • Provide needed services to the community