Foreign Language Resource Center

Guidelines for Students

Tutors can help you with:

  • Gaining a better understanding of the grammatical structure of the language you are learning in class.
  • Improving your ability to speak and read in the language you are learning.
  • Refining your knowledge from week to week. This will help you keep up with the material more consistently rather than trying to cram at the last minute.
  • Recognizing a pattern of mistakes in your assignments, tests, and exams. You may need to work on that particular grammar item. A tutor can review that concept with you in depth.
  • Reviewing for tests and exams.
  • Preparing for oral presentations and correcting your pronunciation.

Tutors cannot help you with:

  • Editing your compositions / papers.
  • Correcting your mistakes in compositions / papers or any other assignments.
  • Providing direct help for assignments.

Tutors  are not teachers. Teaching provides students with new information; tutoring helps students master that information by providing alternative explanations, examples, and exercises. Tutors cannot substitute for attending class.

Helpful hints

The goal of tutoring is to provide individualized assistance that enables students to develop academic mastery and independence. To make your tutoring sessions as productive as possible please:

  • Come prepared. Bring your textbook, notes, review sheets with you. Read your assignments and do your best to work through your homework problems before tutoring sessions.
  • Attend classes regularly. Tutoring is designed to supplement class instruction, not to replace it.
  • Use tutoring services efficiently. You will benefit more from tutoring if you come when you first begin having problems. If you wait until the last minute, you may not be able to master the material in time to succeed on tests and exams.

Privacy Policy

Students and tutors are expected to have an appropriate sense of professionalism. Information shared between tutors and tutees is confidential, as are names and other information about tutees. You will be asked to make an appointment with your name and course code, fill up a form after your tutoring sessions, and evaluate your tutor only for administrative purposes. The FLRC Coordinator Prof. Gina Siddu Pilia [email protected]  is always available to discuss any problems you might encounter during your tutoring session and learning process.

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