Foreign Language Resource Center

Graduate Foreign Language Reading Exam in Rome

Foreign Languages Offered

Italian, French, and Spanish (Spanish is not an option for AH Master’s students)

Placement Test

Graduate students must demonstrate the knowledge of the target language at A2 level:

  • Students must take the placement test at the JCU Foreign Language Resource Center during the first week of classes.
  • Students who pass part A and B (A2) of the test will be admitted to the Reading Exam.
  • Students who do not pass the test can either audit a class or make a study plan with the FLRC. The FLRC will provide learning material based on the result of the test and be available to review the weekly assignments once a week at a given time. Students can retake the placement test at the end of the first semester.
  • The FLRC will provide prep material for the Reading Exam for those students who passed the placement test:

a) List of cognates to expand vocabulary;
b) Foreign Language reading strategies;
c) Selection of several texts pertaining to the MA discipline for practice.

  • The FLRC will be available once a week at a given time to help students with difficulties.

Exam Dates & Times

The Reading Exam may be taken any time during the semester by the last day of Summer I. Please make an appointment two weeks in advance with the FLRC director Prof. Gina Siddu Pilia at [email protected]. MA students in Art History must pass the exam during the Foundation Year, as required for admission to the Thesis Semester.

The examination will take place at the Foreign Language Resource Center, Tiber Campus, 1st floor, under the supervision of the director of the Center.

Exam Guidelines

  • Students will summarize in English a B2 level article/book page in the target language.
  • The length of the examination will be one hour.
  • Examinations are graded based on accuracy. The student must demonstrate a clear understanding of salient points in the text.
  • The grade assigned will be either Pass or Fail.
  • The results of the examination will be sent to the student's Graduate Director via email.