Foreign Language Resource Center

Graduate Foreign Language Reading Exam in Rome

Foreign Languages Offered

Italian, French, and Spanish (Spanish is not an option for AH Master’s students)

Exam Guidelines

  • Students will summarize in English a B2 level article/book page in the target language.
  • The length of the examination will be one hour.
  • Examinations are graded based on accuracy. The student must demonstrate a clear understanding of salient points in the text.
  • The grade assigned will be either Pass or Fail.
  • The results of the examination will be sent to the student's Graduate Director via email.

Graduate Language Exam procedure for Faculty

The GR Reading Exam will take place twice a year, in Fall and Spring semesters. The exams will be administered by a faculty member of the MA program who is in charge of collecting the papers from the students and delivering them to the FLRC Coordinator for assessment. The GR Reading Exams will be provided to the Director of the MA program via email by the FLRC Coordinator a few days before the exam is to take place. The dates of the exams and the assigned room will be posted on the Reading Exam Moodle page by an MA faculty member so that everyone who is involved in the process is informed.