Safety and Health Alerts

I.D. Card and Security

The JCU I.D. Card

The John Cabot University I.D. card is an essential part of a comprehensive, ongoing strategy to help ensure campus safety and the integrity of personal information.

Your I.D. card identifies you as a member of the John Cabot University community and provides you access to the Guarini, Tiber and Critelli Campuses, Gianicolo Residence (if accompanied by a resident), Gym, and Library. For your security, you are required to carry this card and use it as your primary means of identification while on John Cabot University properties. You cannot enter any JCU facility without it. If requested to do so, you must present or surrender your card to University administrators or persons performing duties within the scope of University Policy.

The John Cabot I.D. card also permits access to outside sports facilities and events and qualifies you for discounts at local businesses.

How do I get my I.D. Card?
You will have your picture taken and receive your John Cabot I.D. card during Orientation. A valid state-issued driver's license, passport, military identification, or official state identification card must be presented to pick up your John Cabot I.D. card.

The John Cabot I.D. card is managed by all Front Offices located on the ground floor of each Campus. The offices are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm and can be contacted at 06 6819 12 1 or via email at [email protected].

Students living in the Gianicolo Residence: Please note that the Housing Office will issue you a Gianicolo Residence I.D. card. This is the only I.D. card that you will receive and it is valid to enter all JCU premises. Please see JCU Housing Policies and Regulations for more information or contact the housing office. 

How do I care for my I.D. card?
Carrying your JCU I.D. Card in a secure manner will safeguard against loss or damage that will make the card inoperable. Carry the card securely on your person, just as you would a credit or bank card.

Some good tips to follow are:

  • Keep your JCU I.D. card clean and safe and do not leave it in direct sunlight or near heat sources
  • Carry the card in a card holder or wallet divider
  • Avoid bending your card, or scratching the card's magnetic stripes
  • Do not punch holes, add stickers, or otherwise alter your JCU I.D. Card.

What if my card is lost, stolen, or damaged? How do I get a replacement?
Lost, stolen, or damaged I.D. cards should be reported immediately to any Front Office.

When an I.D. card is lost, stolen, becomes illegible, or no longer functions, the Front Office issues a replacement card with the photograph on record. To obtain a replacement I.D. card, you must go in person to a Front Office during normal business hours. There will be a first replacement fee of 10 Euros. Any subsequent replacement will cost 25 EUROS. For security reasons, you must bring some other form of photo identification, such as a driver's license or passport.

Gianicolo Residence students: Please see JCU Housing Policies and Regulations for information on obtaining a replacement card or contact [email protected].

What about privacy? Can somebody access my personal information without my knowledge?
There is no personal information stored on the card. There is actually more information printed on the surface of the card (e.g. photo, status, I.D. number, and name) than it’s stored in the chip.

For further information please email [email protected].