Department of Political Science and International Affairs

Learning Outcomes of the B.A. In Political Science

  • LOS 1:  Develop critical thinking, analytical tools, and social science methods to break down and grasp complex political problems in their historical and political dimensions, and acquire an in-depth knowledge of all areas of politics and political science (theory, domestic and European politics, comparative politics and world politics).
  • LOS 2:  Understand and work with quantitative and qualitative data and apply social and political science research methods in academic and professional contexts.
  • LOS 3:  Demonstrate competency in information literacy, i.e. work with multiple databases, locate sources and references, and regularly distinguish and read academically informed news sources, academic journals and diverse digital media in order to conduct independent political science research.
  • LOS 4:  Learn to write sophisticated and extensive original academic research papers that qualify for graduate work in political science, and effectively present problems and independent research on international politics and economics in concise, engaging and lively presentations in diverse academic, professional and multicultural contexts.
  • LOS 5:  Become ethically informed leaders capable of developing sound and humane political analyses, and displaying awareness of professional standards and ethics.