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The Annual Fund at John Cabot is an unrestricted fund used for our highest priorities. Every year, dozens of alumni, their families, and friends of the university support the annual fund to provide for qualified financial aid, recruitment and retention of top faculty and staff, and improvements to our facilities. Annual Fund gifts of any size are important and, combined with others’ generosity, provide meaningful resources to JCU.   


What was it like for your student when they attended John Cabot University? We hope it was a time filled with self-discovery and personal growth. We hope that it broadened their perspectives and changed their lives for the better. 

Many members of our JCU family are experiencing physical, emotional, and financial hardship during this pandemic. In response, JCU has established a Grateful Families Fund to address pressing economic needs of students trying to remain at JCU.  

John Cabot University is committed to helping as many students and families adversely affected by the COVID-19 crisis and its aftermath. 


Scholarships come in two varieties: an expendable scholarship will be used immediately for tuition assistance; an endowed scholarship is established with an initial gift and is invested with our endowment advisors. The interest is then used to support tuition for students in perpetuity.  

These awards are generously supported by JCU Donors who wish to establish a privately funded scholarship and provide a unique opportunity for JCU students. These Scholarships are awarded based on a variety of criteria including program of interest, financial need, residency, diversity and other student characteristics. 

Should you wish to create a donor-funded scholarship, contact Thomas Fike in the JCU Office of Development and Alumni Affairs at  tfike@johncabot.edu

Examples of Donor-Funded Scholarships: 

Columbus Guarini Scholarship for Italian-American Students 
The Hon. Frank Guarini, Chairman Emeritus of John Cabot University's Board of Trustees, has provided a generous donation to the Columbus Citizens Foundation providing $5,000 scholarships for five Italian-American visiting students at JCU each year. For information on eligibility and how to apply, please visit the  Columbus Citizens Foundation's website 

Regina A. Lee Scholarship 
This scholarship was established through the generosity of a donation from JCU Trustee Regina A. Lee in support of the Masters in Art History program. It is the first graduate degree program in art history based entirely in Rome offered by a  US-accredited university. The program has a dual focus: the visual cultures of Rome and the Mediterranean across time, from antiquity to the present; and the acquisition of technical skills for primary research.  For information on eligibility and how to apply, please contact Kirsten Rogerson at  [email protected]


As you graduate from John Cabot University, you have much to be proud of, and your JCU degree will open new doors of opportunity as you build your future.  Join your fellow classmates and collectively donate to future incoming students. Your gift of any size will make a direct impact on their academic success at JCU. Visit the  Class Gift Scholarship  page. 


The objective of this fund is to maintain the original character of JCU's historic campuses while creating a modern learning environment. The continuing evolution of these facilities is essential to supporting our faculty and students in their pursuit of knowledge.  


The Frohring Library is an essential resource for the development of innovative thinking for all students and faculty members. The Library provides an intellectual center that serves as the threshold to knowledge and research. Supporting the Frohring Library means improving the educational quality offered by John Cabot University, maximizing the students' access to databases, resources and therefore contributing to their success. 


The JCU Institute for Entrepreneurship was established in 2011 to promote best practices in entrepreneurship and to assist aspiring entrepreneurs in bringing down the barriers to the achievement of their goals. The primary aims of the Institute are to provide education and training in the fundamentals of best entrepreneurial practices, and to build a strong international network of entrepreneurially-minded friends of the JCU community.  


Since its founding in 2009, John Cabot University's Institute for Creative Writing and Literary Translation has become a thriving community of and for writers in Rome. With workshops in the major genres (fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction) and literary translation, the Institute is the place for creative writing students to spend serious time on their writing as they get to know the Eternal City. 


The Institute of Future and Innovation Studies promotes international collaboration, transdisciplinary research, and dialogue on emerging and future innovations of high societal relevance and impact in a variety of domains: scientific, technological, economic, environmental, cultural, and social. The Institute, through its research activities promoting critical evidence-based public debate, aspires to influence accountability and good governance in these areas. Its organized activities include public debates, articles, seminars, lectures, and conferences, as well as active participation in international and national experts’ programs, and governmental and independent fora and initiatives.  


The Guarini Institute for Public Affairs  was established through the generosity of the  Honorable Frank J. Guarini, John Cabot University Trustee. The Institute offers an annual series of lectures, seminars, and encounters aimed at enhancing knowledge and understanding of the key issues and challenges facing the world today, in particular those affecting the United States and Europe. 

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  The 2018 Class Gift Scholarship Recipient