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Class Gift Scholarship

Class Gift Scholarship 2019

Join your fellow classmates and collectively donate to future incoming students. Your gift of any size will make a direct impact on their academic success at JCU.

The future is ours to give, let's start giving today!

As you graduate from John Cabot University, you have much to be proud of, and your JCU degree will open new doors of opportunity as you build your future.

For the third year in a row, the Senior Gift is a Scholarship Fund dedicated to the graduating class. The Class Gift Scholarship 2019 will be awarded to an incoming student who is seeking financial aid. This means that each of you has the opportunity to support one another in our collective mission to keep a JCU education affordable and accessible for every student. Contributing to the Senior Gift means working with students like you, for students like you, and gives you the power to make a real impact on an incoming JCU student's future.

Letter to the Class of 2018

Read the letter of last year's Class Gift Scholarship recipient dedicated to the Class of 2018: 

Dear Class of 2018,

I am one of the selected students who received the Class Gift Scholarship. Ever since I received the letter from JCU the first thing that came to my mind was writing you a letter letting you know how much I appreciate your gift and how much it will help my family.

Coming to JCU was a real challenge to me, back in my country I worked and studied at the same time to afford my tuition and expenses. Now that I am in Rome I work as an au pair to survive in this expensive city.

Your gift really motivated me to keep going and is something I will never forget. I will work so hard to graduate JCU and help one student as much as you helped me.

Thank you so much!

Carolina Tellez 

Honor Roll of Donors

Your class will forever play a significant role in helping JCU support talented students. Therefore, each donating student will be recognized below under the Honor Roll of Donors.

Abdel Latif Omar
Cordova Cristiana
D'Agostini Claudia
D'Angelo Francesco
Di Girolamo Laura
Maksimovic Matija
Molinari Isabella
Noboa Gina
Vittucci Giulia
Albezano Maria Vittoria
Calselli Claudia
Garinei Flavio
Foschi Andrea
Tatiana De Lucia
Tomassoni Silvia
Azabi Omar
Olivieri Roberto

Abdelgadir Iman
Barberis Enrica
Barletta Isabella
Batanina Anastasia
Bidetti Alice
Bindi Federica
Borodina Olena
Bradley Shelby Leigh
Bussoletti Arianna
Caldarone Domenico
Capati Gianmarco
Catalano Rossi Danielli Maria Aurelia
Caudill John Franklin
Chaouch Omar
Cheng Lisa
Colasanti Ilaria
Conte Giorgia
Cordova Cristiana
Darkovski Daniel
Desjardin Marie-Claire
Di Nucci Antonia
Di Sabatino Maria Vittoria 
Fuschi Fabiana
Gerasimov Flavijan
Gognadze Elene
Grima Poppy
Gutkowski Antonio

Loffredo Giuliano 
Kakeu Kevin
Kalusheva Eli
Keicher Axel
Lavino Sara
Leonardi Costanza
Locatelli Chiara
Lococo Ludovica
Lohvin Halina
Madyrova Maria
Maia Giorgia
Masi Gerardo
McMurray Gillian
Mirra Benedetta
Misino Mara
Mujiri Erekle 
Notarbartolo di Villarosa Vittoria
Pichler Valentina
Piergentili Diana
Russo Mariacristina
Sabbadini Emily
Sindilieva Despina 
Spatafora Giuseppe 
Tanzi Valeria
Tracci Cristian Michael
Voltolini Camilla
Zaccheo Carlo Alberto


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The 2018 Class Gift Scholarship Recipient