Why Give to JCU

Other Giving Opportunities


Gifts to the Facilities Fund help to preserve the maintenance and beauty of JCU's historic campuses. Our goal is to maintain the original character of the facilities while creating a modern learning environment. The continuing evolution of these facilities is essential to supporting our faculty and students in their pursuit of knowledge. Your generosity will help ensure John Cabot's reaffirming presence in the Eternal city.

To donate to the new Caroline Critelli Guarini Campus, please contact [email protected].


The Frohring Library is an essential resource for the development of innovative thinking for all students and faculty members. The Library provides an intellectual center that serves as the threshold to knowledge and research. Supporting the Frohring Library means improving the educational quality offered by John Cabot University, maximizing the students' access to databases, resources and therefore contributing to their success.


The JCU Institute for Entrepreneurship was established in 2011 to promote best practices in entrepreneurship and to assist aspiring entrepreneurs in bringing down the barriers to the achievement of their goals. The primary aims of the Institute are to provide education and training in the fundamentals of best entrepreneurial practices, and to build a strong international network of entrepreneurially-minded friends of the JCU community. The Institute intends to serve primarily JCU's current degree-seeking students and alumni, but it also welcomes current and former visiting students to the network, as well as anyone who shares the values of our community.