50th Anniversary

JCU Memories

Is there a moment, an event, or a person from your time at JCU that you’ll never forget? We would love to hear your story!

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Here are some of the memories that we have received from JCU alumni. 

Roseanne Terry, Class of 1975
I arrived at JCC as it was known then, in 1973, the second year of existence. And though it was only supposed to be a 2-year program, I eked out an additional year so I could stay longer. I had to eventually move back to the States to get my degree but was pleased that all my credits transferred. I spent the next 3 glorious years immersing myself in the language, the culture, the arts, the architecture, the philosophy, the history. With the wise and erudite professors on staff, I received an in depth liberal arts education. Professors Neenan and Fink taught many of my classes. I particularly liked the field trips, to churches, to museums, even to other cities to study monuments up close and personal. At the time, I could navigate the city better than many Romans! I was there when we were on the Nomentana campus, Pro Deo, and hung out in the Villino nearby. It was a kind of student center where we could gather and interact. Things changed when we moved from the Pila Hotel to Casa Kolbe and many more American students arrived for semesters abroad. The atmosphere changed somewhat, so the next year I was allowed to room off campus. That was yet another step toward autonomy, and falling in love with the city. John Cabot, therefore, is more than just a school. At the time it was the heartbeat that kept me connected to a city I had grown to love. I consider it not an academic education, but life learned. It has stood me in good stead over the years.

Carmen Stone, Class of 1975
I was a student at JCIC from 1973 to 1975. At that time JCIC was affiliated with Hiram College in Ohio as noted on my ID card, while JCIC classes were offered at the Campus of the Pro Deo on Viale Pola. Intermixed with students of the Pro Deo, many of us studying at JCIC made friends with our Italian colleagues. Living and studying in Rome offered a daily slice of La Dolce Vita romana among a diverse group of multinationals. A friendship of more than 50 years started at JCIC. We met in the fall of 1973 and still today we speak regularly and visit when possible. That really says it all:) I still remember Professor Neenan's thought-provoking lectures on the impact of the Gutenberg Press, Chaucer and English History. I still have my Chaucer book with my original notes!

Catherine Denby Koutalas, Class of 1994
There are so many memories I had at JCU and I will never forget them. However, the one that stands and will be remembered all of my life is when my Dad, Doulas Denby gave me my Diploma in Art History. Douglas was the President of JCU from 1985-1995.

Nicole Focone, Class of 2006
There are many reasons to be part of John Cabot. For me, it’s been the wonderful lifelong friendships and an academic life, class, and school to be proud of.

Valeria Palombi, Class of 2020
First of all, I would really love to thank Professors Stefano Iannone, Stefano Arnone, and Margaret Kneller for fostering my education in the mathematics and statistics fields, inspiring me, and believing in my capabilities. Indeed, without their support, I would have never made it working in the Math Lab as a tutor to students. I will always remember their professionality and kindness. Second, I would like to thank JCU for giving me the opportunity to begin a theater course and take part in meditation and dancing body classes, which have allowed me to work with my emotions. Last, but not least, I would love to thank JCU for providing me with the opportunity to belong to an international, multicultural, open-minded environment, thus allowing me to meet people from all over the world, make new friends, learn, and grow as a person, most of all. I will always be so proud to be a JCU alumna. Ad maiora!

Giordana Nicoletti, Class of 2021
At JCU I had the opportunity to study abroad in Japan.This was an experience that allowed me to connect deeply with Japanese young people and make friends that I am still in touch with, now that I am back in Japan. Thank you so much JCU!! ♥️

Stephane Garelli, Class of 2021
Professor Govero taught me classics, and gave me the best education I could have ever wanted in life. JCU set me on a path to success, which allowed me to get an MBA in Paris and then be admitted to Columbia University in New York. At JCU, I also met the love of my life!

Reagan Davison, visiting student, Summer 2022
I had the privilege of studying abroad at John Cabot University for 6 weeks. JCU gave me a glimpse of a culture I never experienced before. Attending courses in Classical Mythology and Fiction Writing gave me a new perspective on how literature is perceived outside of the US. I am very grateful for my time at JCU this summer!

Ilaria Tatangelo, Class of 2022
In 2020, I decided to transfer from an Italian university to JCU. My English level was low, and I was not able to handle a conversation or write an essay. After three months at JCU, I improved my English proficiency and reached the C1 level, which allowed me to start my journey in the American university system. I joined the Student Government of JCU as ENLUS’ Representative. I wanted to help students that, just like me, were determined to improve their English. I made a well-structured schedule, which allowed me to graduate 11 months in advance, with honors, in Political Science with a minor in Legal Studies. Today, I am working at JCU as Italian Admissions Counselor, and I will take advantage of this professional opportunity to hone my skills and gain experience. Then, I will pursue a master’s in International Affairs.

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