Institute for Entrepreneurship

Certificate In Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a state of mind that enables us to identify opportunity and to marshal the resources needed to go from idea to implementation. This transcends the specific objective of creating a new business and applies to any human endeavor.  One of the main goals of the JCU Institute for Entrepreneurship (IFE) is to bring this message to all our students, regardless of their majors.

To this purpose, we have created the Certificate in Entrepreneurship, which provides students with a taste of the entrepreneurial world early on in their careers. To earn the Certificate students will have to satisfactorily complete the following:

  • One entrepreneurial course.
  • Attend 3 entrepreneurship events, workshops or visits organized by IFE.
  • Write a 3- to 5-page reflection paper OR attend the JCU Weekend of Startups.

The Certificate is open to all degree seeking and visiting students, from any major, whether they already have a business/entrepreneurial background or not.


Students that successfully complete the program will:

  • Acquire a good understanding of how to identify, evaluate and execute business ideas.
  • Meet entrepreneurs, investors and scholars in the discipline
  • Apply their new knowledge to a real project or situation
  • Gain a tangible way to signal their interest in entrepreneurship in their resume

How to Participate

The Certificate is designed to be accessible to all majors and to be flexible enough to fit in with students’ current academic path.

Interested students should fill out the online application form. Please send it any questions to [email protected]. Upon registration students should join our Facebook social media group for regular news and tips for best practice, and join our international community of entrepreneurs.

Throughout the course of one semester students will be required to:

1. Take one of the following entrepreneurship courses:

BUS 305 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
BUS 335 International Entrepreneurship
BUS 410 Strategic Decisions in Entrepreneurship
MGT 345 Social Entrepreneurship
FIN 3xx Entrepreneurial Finance

2. Attend 3 entrepreneurship events, workshops or visits organized by IFE

In order to record your participation, send a 2-paragraph (300-500 words) email to [email protected] after each of the three events: use the first paragraph to summarize the event, and the second paragraph to show how it has improved your knowledge of entrepreneurship.

3. EITHER attend the JCU Weekend of Startups OR write a 3- to 5-page reflection paper on one of the following topics, relating it to the course and events you have attended:

OPTION 1: Compare and contrast the entrepreneurial fabric in two counties (e.g. Italy & US)
OPTION 2: What does entrepreneurship mean to you both on a personal and on a professional level?
OPTION 3: How does entrepreneurship tie in with your major?

Note: The paper must have the structure of a mini theses with APA style citation.

At the end of the semester, upon completion of all the requirements, a Certificate in Entrepreneurship will be issued.