Institute for Entrepreneurship

Certificate in Cultural Innovation

The Certificate in Cultural Innovation recognizes those students whose projects and activities benefit the arts, in all their multiplicity. Highlighting the cross-disciplinary skills that can be acquired at John Cabot University, the award is intended for those students whose inventions can stimulate the arts from any number of perspectives. Perhaps the application is technological, or in the field of communication, or even a literary or cinematic innovation. Collective (group) inspiration is also recognized, as the ability to bring music, film, visual arts, architecture, into the realm of investment and development.

The Certificate in Cultural Innovation is earned by students interested to merge an entrepreneurial spirit with concrete application, and is a form of professional recognition. Open to all undergraduate and graduate students regardless of major or background. 


To earn the Certificate students will have to satisfactorily complete the following requirements: 

Complete a 3-credit course to be chosen from: 

  • AS 260 Foundations in 3D Art and Design  
  • AS 311 Advanced Graphic Design  
  • AS 330 Graphic Design: Corporate Identity and Branding  
  • AH 271 Curating Museums and Galleries  
  • AH 399 - Special Topics in Art History: Collection Building and Museum Studies 
  • DMA 322 Digital Storytelling and Community Engagement 
  • MKT 399 Marketing and Management in the Music Industry 

Art and Culture Ecosystem
Attend 3 events, workshops or visits organized or sponsored by the Institute for Entrepreneurship bearing the “Certificate in Cultural Innovation” badge (the complete list can be found on the IFE Facebook page). In order to record participation, a 1,500-character report for each event will be required. 

Experiential Learning 
Participate in any of the appropriate entrepreneurial competitions or programs organized or sponsored by IFE, including: 

  • API Innovation Lab program  
  • Bengis Center Challenge  
  • Dock3 Entrepreneurship program  
  • RO.ME Museum Exhibition annual fair  
  • Internship at cultural organizations, museums, galleries, or design studios, which can be accessed through the JCU Center for Career Services
  • Participation in the organization and curating of the JCU end-of-semester Art Show 
  • Development of a project that combines creativity, invention, and entrepreneurship


Students that successfully complete the program will: 

  • Acquire a good understanding of how to identify, evaluate and execute opportunities in the cultural industries. 
  • Meet entrepreneurs, investors and experts in the cultural and entrepreneurial fields. 
  • Apply their new knowledge to a real project or situation. 
  • Gain a tangible way to signal their interest in cultural entrepreneurship in their resume. 


Once all three requirements have been satisfied, students should request the certificate by completing the online application form. Students are expected to fulfill all the requirements within one semester. The deadline to apply is TWO WEEKS prior to the end of the Fall or Spring semester.

Please send any questions to [email protected]