Student Testimonials


Caroline Marinac

Caroline Marinac - Speech Pathology

My name is Caroline Marinac. I am a Speech Pathology student from Texas Christian University, and I studied at JCU for the summer session. This summer, I obtained an internship at Marshall Language Services through the JCU Center for Career Services. Marshall Language Services is a company that works with schools across the world to offer children, teenagers, and adults the opportunity to attend language immersion programs. My main task was to update their website to display the programs that each language school offers. I would recommend this internship to other students because it is very hands-on and has given me valuable experience working with computer software, while also getting to meet new people! I have thoroughly enjoyed my summer working with Marshall Language Services, and I hope other students have the same opportunity to do so!

Evan Holly

Evan Holly - Finance 

My name is Evan Holly and I am from Texas Christian University. I am a Finance major and I studied at JCU over the summer. Through the JCU Center for Career Services, I obtained an internship with the University’s Institute for Entrepreneurship. I worked on an eleven-week mentorship program held at a startup company called WDA. Their professionals work with JCU students to help them develop their Elevator Pitch idea. At the end of the program, one group is chosen and receives a prize. My supervisor, Professor Riccardo Maiolini, was very hands-on working with me on this project and connected me with professionals to set this all up, and I really enjoyed working with him.

Aryanna Ferdinandi

Aryanna Ferdinandi - Entrepreneurship and Innovation

My name is Aryanna Ferdinandi and I study Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Texas Christian University. This summer session I studied at JCU and interned with Scooteroma. Scooteroma is a private Vespa tour company that takes clients around Rome. Some of my responsibilities at Scooteroma included meeting clients before tours to make sure they were all geared up, as well as creating and managing content on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter. I also assisted the founder with daily tasks, such as responding to reviews, and meeting with clients. I would definitely recommend this internship to anyone who is interested in entrepreneurship, social media, tourism, or travel arrangements. It was really a fun experience to immerse myself in the city of Rome.

Jessica Hoepfl

Jessica Hoepfl - Finance and Marketing

My name is Jessica Hoepfl and I am a Finance and Marketing major from Texas Christian University. This summer I had the opportunity to do an internship with the Marketing Office at JCU, which I obtained through the JCU Career Services Center. I had the chance to work on social media, create new blog posts, as well as helping with the brochure for the 50th anniversary of the University. This internship has helped me to take what I have learned in the classroom and apply it to my work. Thanks to this experience, I have also understood how to prepare the proper marketing strategy according to my audience.

Caroline Massey

Caroline Massey - Psychology and Communications

My name is Caroline Massey and I am a Psychology and Communications double major. I am a visiting student from Texas Christian University and I am at JCU for the summer session. This summer, I obtained an internship at JCU’s Institute for Entrepreneurship (IFE) through the Center for Career Services. IFE organizes numerous events and competitions throughout the school year. My main task is to create the template for the new IFE newsletter and curate information for the first issue. I would recommend this internship to other students because of the positive work environment and the freedom given in each of my assignments.

Chinirah Brown

Chinirah Brown - Marketing

My name is Chinirah Brown and I am a visiting student from Texas Christian University, where I study Marketing. This summer, I am at JCU to do a for-credit internship with So Fare Films that I have obtained through the Career Services Center. So Fare Films is a video production company that creates documentaries and other educational materials for marginalized communities, while also helping upcoming filmmakers learn some skills with like-minded individuals. My responsibility at So Fare Films is to create social media content, write articles for the newsletter, and help with future documentary projects. I love working at So Fare Films because I am learning about the film industry with other individuals and we are all on the same page and all starting out. The film industry is a creative environment, so it is a great opportunity for me to learn some skills and also be able to have a formative experience of learning and creating.

Lindsay Maldari

Lindsay Maldari - Art History MA

After I graduated, I secured an internship with the Istituto Amedeo Modigliani (IAM), a non-profit organization whose goal is to disseminate knowledge of and appreciation for the 20th century Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani. As an International Exhibition Intern, my duties centered around scouting museums and cultural institutions across Europe to stage an experiential exhibition of Modigliani’s portraits. This internship opportunity was a key step in growing my professional profile. Working in an Italian-language environment while also conducting English-language outreach with other European institutions enabled me to grow my confidence and capabilities in Italian. I would recommend this internship to multilingual candidates looking to grow their experience in cultural communications and who wish to garner insight into much of the behind-the-scenes work and planning that leads up to the staging and curation of exhibitions. 

Kathryn Williams

Kathryn Williams - Communications

My name is Kathryn Williams and I am a Communications major at John Cabot University. In Spring 2022, I obtained an internship with Glocalize Yourself, a traveling agency that organizes “localized” tours for tourists. My role at Glocalize Yourself was photographer and social media manager, so I was in charge of taking pictures and attending events. I recommend this internship because it is a great opportunity to gain work experience in social media management.

Michaela Papavero

Michaela Papavero - International Affairs

In Spring 2022 I had the opportunity to intern at L’Arche - Il Chicco, a community for people with intellectual disabilities. My main task consisted in monitoring the Italian grant system to help Il Chicco implement some of its new projects to improve the wellbeing of the community. I also translated documents, wrote short stories for the newsletter, and helped interview some of the community’s members to make a video for social media. It was a formative and fulfilling experience. It gave me an insight into how a private volunteer organization works, it strengthened my time management skills and flexibility, and increased my productivity. Most of all, this internship gave me the possibility to interact with a different reality, both from a professional and a human perspective. I highly recommend applying for an internship through the Center for Career Services, because it gives you the tools necessary for your academic and professional career.

Christina Gambrell

Christina Gambrell - Marketing 

My name is Christina Gambrell and I am a Marketing major from Loyola University in Maryland. I studied abroad at John Cabot University in Fall 2021. My internship in the JCU Marketing office required me to assist in the management of JCU’s primary and secondary social media channels, compile social media reports, and assist in the optimization of the Admissions blog. I enjoyed my internship because it helped me develop my skills in marketing, social media, and writing. Thanks to this internship, I feel more prepared for a future career in marketing. I would recommend this internship to other students who are interested in marketing and want to gain hands-on experience in writing and social media management.