Students & Alumni Testimonials


Aristide Verrelli

Aristide Verrelli - Economics and Finance

Thanks to the JCU Center for Career Services, I obtained an interview with Deloitte Risk Advisory, where I’m currently doing a full-time internship and gaining professional experiences in the consulting field. I am involved in several projects that focus on providing risk management and compliance support to companies that operate in different industries. The internship is dynamic and exciting, as I have the opportunity to cooperate with and learn from industry professionals. Thanks to the work experiences and skills acquired at JCU, I had the chance to enter the job market. JCU provided me with all the soft and hard skills that are essential to be competitive in the work environment. Time management, teamwork, and critical thinking are just some of the skills I had the opportunity to hone during my time at JCU.

Savannah Shaon

Savannah Shaon - Art History MA

I’m a Master's student currently in my thesis semester, which includes a professional development component that requires around 10 hours of work a week. I was offered a research internship with ARCA, (the Association for Research into Crime against Art). My duties include researching names of potentially illicit art dealers or situations concerning heritage crime. Much of my work involves finding connections between art dealers and collectors and building profiles with pertinent information. Working for ARCA has equipped me with better research tools that I will use moving forward towards my Ph.D. This internship will help you hone your research and writing skills, and it will provide a unique look at the art market and art historical study. I would recommend this internship to anyone interested in art history, the legal system, museum studies, archaeology, or the intersection between art and crime, because it allows students to experience a different side of academia and a particularly specialized field.

Omar Azabi

Omar Azabi - International Affairs

I graduated in 2017 with a major in International Affairs. I am the co-founder of CoSign, the first financial guarantor that allows foreign students to access loans in the U.S. While studying at JCU, I have always been committed to gaining work experience in international environments. That is when I discovered my passion for law. I started working for a law firm in Milan, Italy that specializes in cross-border bankruptcy and restructuring. I had the opportunity to advise key banks and investment funds on some of the most known bankruptcy and credit recovery cases worldwide. I later decided to pursue my law degree in San Francisco, with a focus on corporate law for bankruptcy and restructuring. From time management to networking, JCU is among the few institutions that really teaches you to think differently. I am now building my own company focusing on serving my community’s needs. This would have never been possible without my years at JCU.

Christina Salomon

Christina Salomon - Strategic Communications and Geography

My name is Christina Salomon and I studied abroad at JCU during the summer of 2021. My home university is Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas, where I am a Strategic Communications and Geography double major. During my time at JCU, I did an internship in the Marketing Office. I mainly focused on creating social media posts and writing blogs, with an emphasis on study abroad content. I was able to develop my writing skills through blogging and copywriting. I also learned Search Engine Optimization, while improving my time management and communication skills. I would recommend all students to take advantage of the internship opportunities offered by the JCU Center for Career Services. Not only will they receive constant support, but they will also learn what they may want to do in the future and gain hands-on-experience that will help them grow.

Lukas Probst

Lukas Probst - International Business

My name is Lukas Probst and I am currently doing an internship with (DBH). DBH is an Italian startup founded in 2013 that allows clients to book a hotel room for a few hours at a discounted price, or simply rent one of the hotel services, such as the spa or the pool. As International Market Manager, I am responsible for finding new hotels to partner with. This entails researching hotels in target areas that fit our clients’ expectations, contacting them, negotiating a partnership, and hopefully signing a contract. This internship allows me to develop my research and sales skills, as well as my presentation and public speaking skills, all while working independently. I had the opportunity to come in contact with experienced hoteliers and professionals, and to acquire real-world business practices and valuable work experience in the field.

Anastasiia Savchuk

Anastasiia Savchuk - International Affairs

In the Spring 2021 semester, I interned at Pangea Onlus, an anti-violence center for women with a network that spans across Italy, India, and Afghanistan. I did interviews with women who came to the center seeking help to understand their situations and what kind of legal support they would need. Moreover, under the guidance of my supervisor, I helped to prepare the police reports for women and help them with the documentation for the court hearings. Usually, people who suffered any sort of abuse become vulnerable psychologically and I understood that, for any lawyer or legal assistant, compassion should be an indispensable feature. Taking into consideration the multifaceted experience that I acquired through my collaboration at Pangea, I can confidently say that this internship will make an invaluable contribution to my resume and future career.