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"We accompanied my daughter Dzari to visit many universities before making our decision and we found the JCU staff to be very friendly and responsive to all of our queries. Today Dzari is “locked” in her apartment in Rome, busy following her courses online because of the Covid-19 crisis. We greatly appreciate this initiative taken without further delay, We also really appreciate JCU’s efforts to update and reassure my family during this difficult time."
Fanja Ranjato Ravoavy, mother of Dzari Ravoavy, John Cabot University, Class of 2021

"The international perspective inherent in the location and the interactions with the diverse student body gave my daughter's studies a completely unique dimension. I feel that Gillian received an outstanding and multi-faceted education." 
Sara McMurray, mother of Gillian McMurray, John Cabot University Class of 2016
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"I was impressed with John Cabot's diversity, the caliber of educators, and the university's infrastructure. My daughter's experiences – and ours – only further validated that John Cabot University was the best choice." 
Phyllis L. Mirabella, mother of Micayla Mirabella, John Cabot University Class of 2020
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"Our daughter discovered John Cabot University at a local college fair. It was a match made in heaven! Every interaction our family experienced with JCU representatives has felt like chatting with family.
Kenneth and Candy Johnson, parents of Kehisha Johnson, John Cabot University Class of 2022
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