Registrar's Office

Final Exams

In Spring and Fall, final exams are held during a one-week period, while in Summer final exams are held in one day. Specific dates can be found on the Academic Calendar. Students and Professors should check the Final Exam Schedule for the specific dates, times and locations of each exam.

Spring 2024 Final Exam Schedule

Students that have more than three exams in one day may request to take one of the three exams on the make-up day by completing and submitting the Request for a Make-up Final Exam form. Students need to submit the form by the last day to withdraw from a class, which can be found on the Academic Calendar. All make-up exams will be held on the same day and will be proctored by Assistant Dean Lanzone, who will contact students regarding their request.

Please note:

  • Students that DO NOT have three or more exams scheduled on the same day are NOT allowed to take an exam on the make-up exam day
  • Students that DO NOT complete the form by the posted deadline will NOT have the possibility of taking one of their exams on the make-up day