Business Innovation Research

Business Innovation and Research

The aim of the annual research workshop is to create a forum for academic exchange between professors and students at the FJG School of Business. The workshops seek to encourage faculty members and students to share their research, knowledge, and expertise, and to foster an open dialogue that can lead to a better understanding of the opportunities that exist in the research environment.

Through interactive sessions and discussions, the workshops explore key issues in different fields and identify ways in which professors and students can work together to address them. Ultimately, the goal of the workshops is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and to promote a culture of collaboration and innovation.


On June 16, 2023, the JCU Department of Business Administration will hold the second edition of the Frank J. Guarini School of Business’ series of Research Workshops, organized by Professors Silvia Pulino, Barbara Sveva Magnanelli, Riccardo Maiolini, and Angelo Baccelloni.

Participants can discuss their research in the fields of Business, Management, Economics, Marketing, and beyond. One of the unique aspects of the Frank J. Guarini School of Business Research Workshop is its diversity in terms of both topics and speakers. Presentations during the workshop will revolve around the diverse business-related topics presented by the speakers.

The faculty of the Frank J. Guarini School of Business is cordially invited to submit and present their research during the research workshops. Students with demonstrated excellence in research (some examples include but are not limited to: an outstanding research paper or a case study, successful participation in the Learn-Do-Share program, or student research assistantship) can be nominated directly by their professors and invited to present the results of their research at the workshop. 


  • The workshop will start at 9.30 AM with an introduction by the Director of the School of Business, Prof. Silvia Carnini Pulino 
  • From 9.45 AM to 11.45 AM, faculty members and students will be given a designated time slot to present their research. Following the presentation, there will be time for questions and discussion. 
  • The workshop will conclude at 12.00 PM with closing remarks from the Director of the School and a light lunch offered by the School of Business.


Short papers (maximum 3,000 words) or extended abstracts (maximum 1,500 words) should be submitted at the following link by May 30, 2023: School of Business Research Workshop Submission Form

Both extended abstracts and short papers should be in IMRaD format, as stated in the submission form.

Participants whose submissions have been accepted will be notified by June 2, 2023.


After the workshop, the selected papers and extended abstracts that have been presented will be published in the first Research Notebook (with an ISBN) of the Frank J. Guarini School of Business.