Rosa Filardi

Rosa Filardi

1998 Lecturer in Italian and Theatre

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Laurea, University of Bologna, D.A.M.S., 1986
Graduate specialization in DanceMovementTherapy APID®, 2017 

Rosa Filardi teaches Italian Language, and Theater at John Cabot University. She previously taught at the University of Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s College in the United States. At JCU, she is one of the founders and organizers of the InVerse poetry festival. She worked as theater actress for several years, in radio drama series for RAI television, and in dubbing companies.


 Author of short stories and theatrical works, some of her theater plays, co-authored with Monica Mioli are collected in the book: Vieni avanti che non ci son dei sassi, (Pendragon, Bologna 2006). She was a finalist for the Premio Fersen for dramaturgy, 4th edition 2008, with her monologue Volo Verticale, published by Editoria & Spettacolo (Rome, 2009).


She is a professional (APID®) DanceMovementTherapist and her recent studies and research focus on art as therapy, particularly in theater, dance, and creative writing. She has been collaborating with the Compagnia della Mia Misura, an integrated Dance-Theatre group, a project of social inclusion through art and dance.

Publications and Translations:

2005 - 2021  

Editor of InVerse-Italian Poets in Translation, John Cabot University Press (with Brunella Antomarini and Berenice Cocciolillo).

In Autori Vari, Il Federiciano 2014, Aletti Editore. 

Publication of short stories in 
Article: Intorno ai tempi bui dell’economia, in

Short story Rossella in Pensieri d’Inchiostro - Giulio Perrone editore, Roma  2009.

Theatrical monologue Volo Verticale in the anthology Il Premio Fersen, IV edition, Editoria & Spettacolo, collana Percorsi, Roma 2009.

Among finalists for the Premio Fersen for her unpublished monologue Volo Verticale (“Vertical Flight”).

Short story Rossella in ClanDestino, trimestrale di letteratura e poesia, n.3 Dicembre, Forlì

Editor and partly co-author of the collection of plays by Monica Mioli, Vieni avanti che non ci son dei sassi. Un’esperienza di teatro. Pendragon, Bologna.

Publication of a theater monologue L’Invidia , in Pin Ink scritture comiche molto femminili, Arezzo, ed.

1998 - 2000 
Translations/adaptations from English into Italian for dubbing companies in Rome.

Translations of short stories from French and English into Italian for PANTACALCIO, Milano, Bompiani.

Translations from English into Italian of the booklet AACUPI (Association of American College and University Program in Italy). Roma, AACUPI.

Publication of short essay “Insegnare ai beginners,” (Teaching to beginners).
"Il Veltro", 40 (Maggio-Agosto 1996), 398-3.