Rina Rachel Sondhi

Rina Rachel Sondhi

2022 Lecturer in English

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B.Ed., University of Sheffield, 1991
M.A., University of Surrey, 1996
NPQH, National College of School Leadership, 2005

Rina Rachel Sondhi was born in London and raised in the East midlands and has spent the last 30 years teaching English and training teachers in the UK, Europe, USA, UAE, China, Asia and Russia.

Rina Rachel Sondhi is an English Professor at John Cabot University and a School Principal at the British School of Orvieto, an international education and training institution with a specific expertise in the teaching of and training of English and school partnership projects.

Rina graduated in English Language studies and Drama from the University of Sheffield in 1992. For the last 30 years, she has consistently been working in the field of International Education and Teacher Training. Rina Sondhi, an English Masters graduate of the University of Surrey and a qualified Principal (NPQH) from the National College of School Leadership Nottingham and Cambridge, has served the world of Education through Teaching, Consultancy and Management positions.

Since the year 2000, Rina has worked as a Literacy Consultant with over 40 staff teams across the United Kingdom and supported the development of Literacy Education in over 90 schools in the UK, as well as teaching and training teachers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, New York, San Francisco, China, Russia, Sri Lanka and now Italy.

Rina has recently worked in Russia as a Director of Cambridge Curriculum and Head of English developing both the British National Curriculum and Cambridge curriculum Internationally. Rina has set up a British School in Italy developing community and School partnership projects in Italy and San Francisco.

Rina is the author of “The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes – Playscripts” The Ultimate Grammar and Vocabulary book” “Jewels of Thought” “Mindfulness and Meditation- The Gift of the Present” and “Butterfly Notes.” All of which are available on Amazon worldwide.

Rina Sondhi has also created many videos on various topics, including a Sherlock Holmes PR video which is most recent and is being aired at the cinema.

Areas of expertise: English, International education, international project planning and management, assessment and evaluation, Teacher training for all teachers of English, School education, adult education, vocational training, e-learning, language learning, languages for specific purposes.