Melanie Jane McCallum

Melanie Jane McCallum

2024 Lecturer in Psychology

[email protected]

MB.Ch.B., Aberdeen University ,1991
M.P.H., Glasgow University, 2012

Melanie McCallum has been a practicing medical doctor for more than 30 years. She is qualified as a family physician, addiction psychiatrist, and disability specialist, and works for the UK Government as a medico-legal advisor for criminal injuries.

Professor McCallum enjoys working directly with individual patients but has always recognized the importance of aiming to improve population health on a larger scale. She is passionate about making an impact, affecting the future from a healthcare perspective and making the world healthier for subsequent generations, using evidence-based approaches.

Professor McCallum volunteers as a careers advisor for school age children in areas of high poverty. In Scotland, she developed and opened a teaching kitchen in an area of high deprivation as part of a public health partnership; teaching people of all ages how to cook properly from scratch, with locally grown produce. She regularly contributes to national radio on health related issues.

She considers education to be a vital tool for improving health and wellbeing.