Luigi Nasta

Luigi Nasta

2023 Lecturer in Management

[email protected]

Laurea triennale, Luiss University, 2009
Laurea magistrale, Luiss University, 2011
Ph.D., Luiss University, 2016

Luigi Nasta is adjunct professor at JCU and Luiss University. He is Research Fellow at the Luiss Business School Competence Center on Creative Industries. Professor Nasta received his doctoral degree in Management from Luiss University, Italy. He was a visiting researcher in the ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation (CCI) at Queensland University of Technology. His research work in the field of digitalization, cultural institutions, crowdsourcing, and business model was published in peer-reviewed journals including Sustainability, Finance Research Letters, International Journal of Business Research and Management (IJBRM), Creative Industries Journal, and Journal of International Accounting Research and chapters for Springer, Routledge, and IntechOpen books.