Livia Sacchetti

Livia Sacchetti

2022 Lecturer in English

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Laurea, University of Rome "La Sapienza", 2000
Dottorato di Ricerca, University of Rome "La Sapienza", 2004

Livia Sacchetti was born in Rome, where she was raised bilingual and educated in English. She earned her degree at Sapienza University with a Master's thesis on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet (published as an article in Memoria di Shakespeare, 2002) and a doctoral thesis on Tom Stoppard's theater. She has been teaching and writing about literature, and working as a translator, for twenty years.

Research interests:
Her main fields of interest are twentieth and twenty-first century drama and Shakespeare studies. She has published articles on Shakespeare, Stoppard, Beckett and Pirandello, and Arthur Miller. She is especially drawn to the interconnectedness between the natural sciences and dramatic form; she enjoys writing about how changes in the shape of theater reflect larger ideas about space and time. Her current book project is a study of the impact of the Copernican turn on Shakespeare's late plays. She also has a keen interest in feminist theory and has written about Shakespeare's women, specifically Juliet and Cleopatra.

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