Jens Koehler

Jens Koehler

2003 Adjunct Assistant Professor of Art History

[email protected]

M.A., University of Munich, 1988
Ph.D., University of Munich, 1991

Jens Koehler, born in Bremen, Germany in 1961, studied Classical Archaeology, Ancient History, and the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East at Marburg and at Munich universities. He wrote his Ph.D. thesis on festivals and processions of the Hellenistic period. Since the early 1990s he has been living in Rome, where he worked several years for the German Archaeological Institute, preparing, among other things, the catalog of ancient sculptures in the Vatican Museums. He is doing research and has published on ancient Roman spa baths. More recently he started to investigate ancient hydraulic engineering; after a project on the water supply in Hadrian's villa at Tivoli, he continues to work on aqueducts and latrines. In 2003 he joined JCU to teach courses in archaeology, Roman art and architecture.

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