Gene E. Ogle

Gene E. Ogle

2002 Associate Professor of History

[email protected]

B.A., Texas Tech University, 1993
M.A., University of Pennsylvania, 1999
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 2003

Gene E. Ogle has been teaching early modern and modern Atlantic World, global, and European history at John Cabot University since 2002. His research and teaching interests include colonization and transcultural relations in the early modern Atlantic World, slavery, racism, and the longer term history of globalization.

He has published work on the intersections between race, violence, and honor in colonial Saint Domingue (present-day Haiti) and the Enlightenment in imperial and colonial contexts. Currently, he is researching projects to reform Saint Domingue's agriculture (and society more broadly) from the last decades of the Old Regime into the French and Haitian Revolutions.

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