Ferruccio Trabalzi

Ferruccio Trabalzi

2011 Adjunct Assistant Professor of Sociology

[email protected]

Laurea, University of Rome "La Sapienza," 1992
M.A., University California Los Angeles, 1994
Ph.D., University California Los Angeles, 2000

Ferruccio “Ferro” Trabalzi studied Architecture and earned his BA in Sociology at La Sapienza in Rome. At the University of California, Los Angeles, he obtained his MA and Ph.D. in Urban Planning with a dissertation on the capacity of traditional food producers located in underdeveloped regions to compete in the global market without losing, in fact, reinforcing, their cultural identity. Ferro has taught at different Universities in the USA and in South Africa. Currently, he lives in Rome where he teaches Sociology with a special focus of contemporary, alternative, and non-touristic Rome. His current research interests include urban agriculture and food culture in Rome, sustainable urbanism and urban identities in the age of globalization, regional economic development with a focus on the role organized crime has in shaping local economic culture.

Recent publications
Marcello De Rosa, Ferro Trabalzi, Tiziana Pagnani (forthcoming in 2017): The social construction of illegality within local food systems, in Ron Hinch and Allison Gray (eds), A Handbook of Food Crime: Immoral and Illegal Practices in the Food Industry and What to Do about Them (Policy Press, University of Bristol, UK).

Trabalzi, F and M. De Rosa 2017. Everybody does it, or how illegality is socially constructed in a southern Italian food network, Journal of Rural Studies, vol.45: 303-311, 2016

De Rosa, M. and F. Trabalzi (2017). Innovative Rurban networks in Rome, in Kebir, L. Sustainable Innovation and Regional Development. Rethinking Innovative Milieus. Edward Elgar Publishing. Pp. 153-169.

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