Erik Thaddeus Walters

Erik Thaddeus Walters

2011 Adjunct Assistant Professor of History and Humanities

[email protected]

B.A., Saint Charles Borromeo, 1997
S.T.B., Pontifical Gregorian University, 2001
S.T.L., Pontifical Gregorian University, 2003
Diploma, Pantheon Institute of Technology, 2010
Dr. Phil., University of Vienna, 2010

Erik Thaddeus Walters, Dr. Phil., holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Ancient Greek and Latin, Philosophy, Cultural Heritage Management and History, Graphic Design, Patristic Sciences, and Theology. The University of Vienna in Austria awarded him a Ph.D. in Classical Philology in 2010 and he began teaching the following year as a professor in the Department of History and Humanities at John Cabot University. His revised doctoral thesis was published as Unitas in Latin Antiquity: Four Centuries of Continuity by Peter Lang Verlag in 2011.

He has taught courses in Latin, History, Religious Studies, and Theology to thousands of undergraduate students in Rome for more than a decade. Dr. Walters has collaborated in archaeological excavations at the Alberese Archaeological Project along the coast of southwestern Tuscany and is a licensed and uniquely qualified Vatican “Blue Guide Docent.” Dr. Walters has appeared in many documentary interviews on the History Channel, Nat-Geo, Netflix, the BBC, and RAI.

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