Elisabeth Fuhrmann-Schembri

Elisabeth Fuhrmann-Schembri

2003 Lecturer in Classics and Art History

[email protected]

M.A., University of Vienna, 1996

Elisabeth Fuhrmann-Schembri studied Classical Archaeology, History of Ancient Art and Classical Philology at the University of Vienna/Austria and wrote her master thesis on Etruscan Musical Instruments combining her love for Etruscan civilization and music. In collaboration with her home university she did archaeological fieldwork in Carnuntum/Austria and Limyra/Turkey.

Moved to Italy in the late 1990ies and established in the outskirts of Rome she started to teach for JCU in 2003 focusing on Ancient Roman and Etruscan art and archaeology. She is especially passionate about the on-site character of the art history classes working with her students in front of the original material.

She presented the Excubitorium of the Seventh Cohort of Vigiles, an Ancient Roman firemen station situated in Trastevere, for the History Channel series on Cities of the Underworld.

Her entry on the Etruscan city of Vulci was published in The Encyclopedia of Ancient History/Wiley Online Library (2012).