Carmen Franzese

Carmen Franzese

2017 Lecturer in Psychology and Coordinator for Disability-related Academic Accommodations

[email protected]

Laurea, Second University of Naples, 2006
Ph.D., University of Naples “Federico II,” 2011

Prof. Franzese’s research interests focus primarily on examining the stigmas associated with hearing disabilities and how people might overcome them. Specifically, she is interested in better understanding the personal and social challenges faced by stigmatized individuals as well as their perceptions of normal hearing persons’ responses toward them. Her research is aimed at identifying how to illuminate the stigmas related to auditory impairments and the non-normative style of oral communication - which is a characteristic of this target - both from the perspective of the “victim” and the “perpetrator.”

Her long-term goal is to use these findings to assist in the development of psychological and pedagogical interventions designed to: a) help people with auditory disabilities to deal more effectively with everyday challenges; b) empower people with auditory disabilities to fully participate in society; c) promote a process of inclusion of hearing-impaired individuals within the “hearing society” by educating normal-hearing individuals; d) provide normal-hearing and hearing-impaired individuals with tools to enhance their interactions with each other.

In 2011 she spent an academic year at Yale University, working as visiting research assistant with Professor John F. Dovidio. She teaches Social Psychology at John Cabot University.