Brunella Antomarini

Brunella Antomarini

1998 Adjunct Assistant Professor of Philosophy

[email protected]

Laurea, University of Macerata, 1977
Laurea, University of Urbino, 1985
Dottorato di Ricerca, Gregoriana University, Rome, 2003

Brunella Antomarini, PhD in Aesthetics, Gregoriana University in Rome, has a pluri-disciplinary formation in contemporary epistemology, aesthetics and philosophy, semiotics, theory of poetry, and anthropology. Her current interest concerns the way in which thinking and knowledge seem to take divergent paths, in such a way that digital, artistic and poetic languages may replace any claim for scientific evidence, leading to the end of the modern (Western) idea of knowledge, if not of the (Renaissance) notion of the 'human.'

She is the author of seven books, the editor and co-editor of thirteen books, and more than 50 articles in national and international philosophy journals. She is also a translator from English and the author of the children book Denizens of the Forest (Poligrapha Ediciones, Barcelona 1992).

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