Annette Merle Bryson

Annette Merle Bryson

2019 Lecturer in Philosophy and Assistant Dean of Student Academics

[email protected]

M.L.A., Johns Hopkins University, 1996
M.A., University of Michigan, 2013
Ph.D., University of Michigan, 2017

Annette Bryson studied philosophy at the graduate level at the University of Michigan (where she focused primarily on metaethics), the University of Colorado (where she studied primarily metaphysics), and the University of Geneva (where she studied ancient philosophy). She also studied the history of ideas at Johns Hopkins University, and she completed a post-doctoral research fellowship at the University of Notre Dame.

As a philosopher, she primarily explores issues in ethics. Her current work focuses especially on topics in metaethics, on questions at the intersection of ethics, metaphysics, and the philosophy of language. She seeks to understand what is at stake in debates about the role of metaphysical and semantic considerations in ethics.

At John Cabot, she teaches various philosophy courses, including ancient philosophy, history of political theory, introductory philosophy, and various courses in ethics. She also teaches research and writing in the humanities. She has experience teaching a broad range of philosophy and other humanities courses including at the Johns Hopkins University (where she taught philosophy and other humanities courses), the University of Colorado (where she taught philosophy courses), the University of Michigan (where she taught philosophy courses), and Atlantic Union College (where her writing classes and philosophy courses were made up of incarcerated students). Her ethics teaching has emphasized metaethics, normative ethics, and applied ethics. She has also taught logic, both introductory and advanced, frequently and enthusiastically.

She has delivered on-air content for a Voice of America affiliate station serving the Geneva area, developed corporate communications materials for BNP Paribas, worked as a communication staffer for a successful presidential campaign, worked as a research consultant at UNESCO’s International Bureau of Education, taught English language courses, and taught leadership courses to Johns Hopkins University business students.